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How a 14 year old can lose weight fast?

Im a 14 year old male- 122 pounds and 5’6. Im going to join a gym over the summer ( if i can find one that accepts a 14 year old) but i want to lose some weight first.I think i have to much fat on my chest and lovehandles. Any advice?

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7 Responses to “How a 14 year old can lose weight fast?”

  1. Holly S said :

    122lbs at 14….wow that is great weight…you seem perfect..

  2. anie* said :

    Lol you don’t sound like you need to lose weight 122 pounds for your height actually sounds pretty skinny, but just keep doing what your doing there’s no way to lose weight fast, you just have to exercise regularly and eat right.

  3. GH said :

    you dont need to lose weight at all, if you dont like the way you look just work out, but dont just try to lost weight, you should wait until you are a bit older to decide if you should work on losing weight

  4. Dramaqueen said :

    Hi. to lose fat from your chest you need to work on that area for at least 2 minutes per day. and Twists are great for burning fat from your waist and love-handles. Again for 2 minutes daily. If you need more info, click here.

  5. Imaka said :

    You do not need to lose weight. You are at a good weight for your height – a little underweight if anything. Focus on building muscle, a healthy eating plan, and plenty of exercise.

  6. Funny said :

    hi, it help’s you lose 5% of your body weight in 6 weeks…hope it helps you…

    I have not tried it but my sister has – she melted away 17 pounds so maybe this help….

  7. 000 Streetwear said :

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