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How can an 11 year old girl lose weight fast?

Now, my friend [named changed] is 11 years old, 5’2″. However, she is 125 lbs. She’s very healthy, but insecure. What’s even more strange is that if she sucks in her gut, even a little, she could feel some of her ribs, although she’s not really “big-boned” at all. She’d like to lose about 5-20 lbs by the end of…March or April, so any ideas?

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3 Responses to “How can an 11 year old girl lose weight fast?”

  1. kmb141995 said :

    At 11 you don’t need to lose weight. Its all baby fat. She’ll grow out of it. But if she feels insecure tell her how pretty and fabulous she is. But she can have a healthy diet. Diet means Eating Habits. Dont over dose on sugar. Have fruits and veggies or a V8. Something with nutrition does no one harm. its just a healthy subsitute for sugar. And she should love herself and her body. Tel her she should make peace with her body.

  2. ~Starry Eyes~ said :

    If she feels she must tell her to talk with her mother. She needs sound good advice; she is only 11 and it is about her health. You can support her by being active and doing exercises with her. And drinks lots of water and no sodas or energy drinks (especially energy drinks) > BAD.
    Suggest she snack on fresh fruits and vegetables and watch the sugar & salt. But she needs to talk with her mother and good advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Hopefully, she doesn’t turn to binging and such. She just needs to feel good about herself and be active and eat healthy foods. I’m glad you know she is healthy and have you ever told her she looks fine and healthy?

  3. Queen of rock said :

    my advice: eat to live not live to eat. eat only when your actually hungry. dont eat when you just want to. im 11 5’2″ ans 125 lbs believe it or not but i am. im trying to lose weight. i think u can do this by eating only when your hungry, and get some exercise by stuff that fun and healthy like dancing or a sport. plus, you dont need to worry anyway. its baby fat. by 13 she will lose weight


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