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How Can a 12 Year Old Girl Lose Weight Fast?

I am currently 12 i weigh 132 pounds and I am 5 foot 2 inches. I understand that I am too young to go on diets and other things but what is one way for me to lose fat very fast and completely naturally? And yes i understand that i shouldn’t worry about this because everyone’s beautiful in their own skin but I just want this off my plate. I feel awkward when I’m around all my skinny friends.

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5 Responses to “How Can a 12 Year Old Girl Lose Weight Fast?”

  1. refer blacka on said :

    eat less and drink more water.

  2. izzy said :

    All you can do at 12 is eat sensibly and keep busy, all activities burn calories.
    Read the link in the box it’s addressed to parents but I think it can help you.
    This link will tell you that you are ‘at risk of being overweight’

    If you want to count calories..

    Ways to burn calories..

  3. SaraG said :

    1. exercise for 30 minutes every day.
    try jogging or running on the tredmill or join a sport like baseball or soccer.

    2. stop eating/drinking anything with refined sugars or that is processed.
    sugers turn into fat. Sugars actually turn into fat quicker than other foods

    3. drink 64 oz. of water every day (this might be hard, but that is the amount u should aim to get every day)
    When a person is thirsty, the brain sends messages to your throat and stomach. Even though the throat might be trying to tell you that u r thirsty, the signals in the stomach are more noticeable. The stomach makes you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty sometimes. So, when u r hungry, u might be thirsty, so try drinking water first

    4. watch your calories
    aim to only eat about 2500 calories a day. One pound of fat is made up of 3500 calories. If you eat less than 2500 calories a day and only eat about 2000 calories a day. If you do this, you will lose about a pound a week

    To be more specific, you can…

    1. First start by getting up earlier than usual. Around 5:30 AM to do some of you workouts. Getting up early shocks your metabolism because the body needs

    more energy to get going. Right? This will start your system on the road to weight loss. That early start with about 10 minutes of stretching. Have a cup of

    coffee to get the blood going also.

    2. Do all the sit-ups you can. Just do them. 15 or 20 whatever, we don’t have a lot of time to work with. Rest 1 minute repeat, do this for 6 sets. Already

    you are breathing hard and feel worn, because the body is working extra hard at being up earlier and then going right into exercise. If the early morning

    hour lets you get your cardio in, go ahead and do it. 30 minutes.

    3. Diet. Cut all current meal portions in half, just cut them in half, nothing fancy or complicated, CUT IN HALF! Cut out all bread products, all gravies,

    candies, chips, night snacks, etc. If you crave at night eat a banana, other fruit or best a non-fat yogurt. There are some tasty ones out there.

    4. In the evening do another 6 sets of sit-ups maxing out each set. Cardio again. The trick is to stay with getting up earlier. Yes it’s hard, that’s why

    it is so effective. Why do you think the Army gets up so early, it is intense training to the max.

  4. Potgd said :

    Go easy on tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are harmless by themselves. It’s when you add the cream and sugar that they become fattening. Did you know that having a cup of tea or coffee that has cream and at least two cubes of sugar is as bad as having a big piece of rich chocolate cake’

  5. Sarah hanks said :

    Ok so I’m 12 and I weigh 120 or 127 oh and I’m 5.1 around that. I’m like in the popular group now and I really wanna lose weight for it. Please don’t say any diets or pills or run for an hour…. Or do 10-30 crunches… Or talk to ur parents cause I don’t want them to know that I’m self concus but can anyone please help ke find a way to lose about 20-28 pounds over the summer I have the rest of June and it’s June 19 until September 4 that’s my dead line…. So pleas help thanks ud be a life savor


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