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How can a 14 year old lose weight fast?!?

Like I said, I’m 14 and im 5’7 and i weigh around 145. I really want to lose weight! Any tips? :/

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4 Responses to “How can a 14 year old lose weight fast?!?”

  1. Nickname said :

    That’s completely normal.

    You’re waaay too young to worry about losing weight. Don’t be silly.

  2. annberlin said :

    Weight shouldn’t be a huge issue at your age. Just eat healthy and not too much junk food and get into sports. Even if it’s just getting with your friends and playing frisbee or soccer. You’ll be fine.

  3. uncertain said :

    You are growing yo do not want to lose a lot of weight. Just try to run more often for a decent amount of time to be more fit.

  4. Six said :

    Be realistic. Don’t expect a miracle. Healthy weight loss can be achieved fairly quickly, but you’ll need to be patient. In addition, be sure to set realistic goals. Make sure that the weight you’re trying to reach is a healthy weight for you, and keeping in mind that gaining pounds of muscle will help you lose fat, be trimmer, and look better even though you don’t actually lose any weight. Your goal should be a healthy body, not a number of pounds! Everyone looks good at a different weight. A short person may look really good at about 112 pounds, but a person of a taller height would just look unhealthy. Keep yourself at a weight that makes you look good, not at a number that sounds good.


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