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How can i loose weight fast and easy?

I am an 18 years old male i weight about 350 pounds and im 5’9. I’m just tired and finally want to loose all this weight!
Pleas tell me an easy and fast way.

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3 Responses to “How can i loose weight fast and easy?”

  1. trumpet_teen417 said :

    There is no easy way to lose weight… diet pills and honestly most diets, don’t work… just eat a diet of 1200 calories and do 1 hr of cardio a day, plus workout… in a week you will see a difference… btw dont forget the water

  2. heyman87 said :

    taking all that hydroxy cut crap really really is unhealthy….diet foods and drinks aren’t healthy either….cut back on meat and sugar…it raw vegetables and fruit and fruit juices…Look up what foods contain complex carbohydrates and eat them too…

    Start walking outside everyday for half hour or an hour and and you will lose weight healthfully and it will stay off.

    changing your diet is hard….but many have done it and so can you…i’m serious when I say natural foods are the best…my teacher lost like over 200 lbs by eating natural foods and walking or jogging every day….DIET SUPPLEMENTS are bad…seriously….lemme know if you want more info…. DRINK WATER TOO

  3. Scott H said :

    The “Weight Is Over”
    I run a medical clinic and I can tell you that the best and safest way along with a low calorie diet is a product called WLX! Wlx contains no stimulants and is safe to take long term! Two years ago I weighed over 287lbs and happily today my current weight 175. Wlx was given in clinical trials at two major universities over 8 weeks and those subjects who where on it lost an average of 21.5lbs of “body fat” Good Luck. To read more click on product wlx to learn why WLX is for you!


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