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How can an 11 year old loose weight fast and easy?

i know this girl who is 11 years old and weighes 157 lb and she is trying very hard to loose weight but it is way too hard for her. She wants to be skinny and like the other but she needs an fast and esy way to do it and when she does trys she starves herself to death……she is only 4 11″ image that

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One Response to “How can an 11 year old loose weight fast and easy?”

  1. SgtShamy said :

    damn! no no no
    denying the body food is the WORST thing to do besides stuffing your face!
    she needs to eat in moderation and often. eat healthy and drink LOTS of water. she’s only 11yrs old!
    she has to ask her parents for help.
    that BAD parenting!
    she needs to do sports, like swimming, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, etc fo 2hrs 5 days a week!

    check your specifics with this website


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