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Please help? How do i loose weight!!!?

My upper thighs are huge and im 140 lbs, how do loose weight in my thighs and stomach FAST! i want to loose 20 lbs before august 8th and i dont know how!!! im thinking about just to stop eating!

please please tell me how to loose weight quickly!!!

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2 Responses to “Please help? How do i loose weight!!!?”

  1. Green Thumb said :

    Losing weight fast is not healthy at all but

    Do lots of walking and drink lots of water
    Eat foods which keep u full so u don’t snack
    Enjoy what u eat and don’t worry

    If u stop eating it will cause u big problems and in the long run u will gain weight or die

  2. dmb said :

    2 things, exercise and eating healthy!

    1. exercise:
    -cardio: RUNNING is the ultimate workout. it will tone your legs and your core. try running 5 or 6 times a week. each time you run, aim for about 25 minutes. if you can’t last that long, just go at a slower pace, but don’t stop. other cardio you should try is bike riding!! stationary or on a real bike. swimming is great too. mixing up your cardio is great.
    -ab exercises: do ab exercises 5x a week. it’s important to let your abs rest 1 or 2 days a week though, so the muscles can rest and repair. but when you do workout your abs, do it for about 25 minutes. suggestions: try doing 3 sets of normal planks for about 30 seconds (or longer/shorter, aim for as long as you can go for), and 3 sets for each side. do 3 sets of bicycle crunches, each time doing 30. you might have your own ab exercises you prefer to do, so definitley do those. you can google exercises for your abs as well, if you don’t know what “leg raises” are, google that, that is GREAT for abs. do 20 of those a set, a total of 3 sets.
    -arms: do you have any 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb dumbbells? or do you belong to a gym? if you do have those, definitley use those. since they are so light, they won’t get you bulky, but will tone up your arms and get rid of some extra flab. workout your arms 3-4x a week. if you don’t have any dumbells, google “girl pushups” and “dips”. lol. do those.

    2. eating:
    since you are only trying to lose a few pounds you don’t need to be on a strict eating diet.
    -but try to drink a lot of water throughout the day (it’s great for your skin, will keep you full so you don’t snack on junk, and boosts your metabolism!)
    -try to stay away from candy, sugary drinks (soda, lemonade, gatorade, iced tea), desserts, ice cream, chips, crackers, etc.
    -eat lots of veggies and fruits! low fat yogurts, string cheese, granola bars, and almonds make great healthy snacks.
    -REWARD YOURSELF! this is really important to keep yourself focued and motivated. make yourself a deal. if you eat healthy sunday-thursday, allow yourself to have a treat on friday and on saturday… whether it be a candy bar or an ice cream cone or a can of soda. don’t go wild, but treat yourself. it’s important NOT to deprive yourself. during the week you will have something to look foward to.

    good luck!!


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