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How to loose weight QUICKLY? Please Help.?

I am 16 years old, about 5′ 7 I think and weigh almost 170lbs! First off, do you think this is overweight? My friends say I’m not fat, just chubby. I have big hips and want to get rid of my little belly and fat around hips and thighs. Most of my friends my age are around 120 I think. I CANNOT buy anything. My dad constantly criticizes me for being fat so he doesn’t help much. It’s so hard to loose weight but I want to be able to fit into a bikini and actually look good! Does Acai Berry work? I saw the pills at Walgreens for 10 dollars, is that a scam or something and can I buy it by myself if i’m only 16? I might be able to try that since it’s only 10 bux.Thanks.
What’s speed?
My best friend is my height and she is like 110-120. My sister is taller then me, 1 years younger, and probably weighs about that much. Does ANYTHING work? how come people were telling me in my last acai beryy question that it does work if it really doesn’t? ..
Thank you all fro your answers but i’m getting the same thing… Eat healthy, work out. Obviously! I’ve tried and tried, it doesn’t work or I give up. It’s not that simple anymore.

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13 Responses to “How to loose weight QUICKLY? Please Help.?”

  1. doggyviscous said :

    run a lot in the sun..dnt 4get sunscreen

  2. HaNnAh!!!! No Montana! said :

    pills dont work! if they did they would be fda approved and cost a lot more! the only diet pill i would try is alli because it is fda approved( that means the goverment recognizes it as a drug).

    your weight in proportion to height means that you are overweight medically. your bmi is 26 and a 25 means your overweight.

    The only real way to loose weight is by eating healthy and exercising. since you are young this should be easy.

    Good luck. Dont worry what others think about you. You are overweight only by a little. maybe five pounds will do the trick.


    what do you want us to tell you…your not gonna just loose weight over night. It takes time and motivation


  3. Mr. Angry said :

    dont buy acai berry, its a scam.

    Im willing to bet ur taller than most ur fiends

    a good weight for you would be around 135-140

    but keep in mind that it wont happen fast, looking for fast results is a sure fire way to set ur self up for disappointment and failure. U need to be in it for the long haul.

    * speed is an illegal drug, hes was joking

    * there are tons of acai berry spammers on here, they just randomly spam questions with theyre BS , the product doesnt work

    * eatin ghealthy and working out does work,
    did u count cals?
    Did u know how many cals u burning each day?
    do u know how many grams of sugar u ate daily?
    did u cut ur daily cal intake by atleast 500?
    did u limit carbs?
    did u rarely/never cheat?
    did u do intense cardio 3-5 times a week, 30-45 mins a day?

    did u answered no to any of these…..

    eating healthier and exercise DO work, if u do it properly and have patients

  4. embracing emptiness said :

    ur 16.

    dont worry about ur weight.

    just try to eat healthy, plenty of veg and fruit and exercise.

    theres to much worry for people that is needless. enjoy your life, these worries are getting in the way of the fun u should be having.

  5. Jessica l said :

    pills don’t work.
    The answer is simple, and we all know it
    Eat less, drink more water, work out more

  6. xkoolio123x said :

    Jog when you wake up for a while then join a gym and your supposed to have your hips big my teacher has said once so you can have a baby fit through. And i dont think thats fat!

  7. Jakers! said :

    Take Clenbuteral if you wanna lose weight quickly..but be careful, read into it first…but really, your not overweight!

  8. Miles C said :

    well pills work….ish, but that isnt a lifestyle. do you want to be taking pills for the rest of your life. what you want to do is eat healthy, excersice and you will be able to lose weight and keep it off. Plus considering your 5’7 and also that you probably have some muscles than you only need to lose a couple.

  9. Simon said :

    well first of all, you’re not not fat. However, if you really want to lose weight quickly without taking pills or anything, i suggest a diet that worked for me. i lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks or so.

    eat breakfast…eat lunch at noonish….skip dinner.

    so basically you eat breakfast at about 7-8 in the morning, then lunch at noon. then it’s very important that you dont eat anything after that until the next morning’s breakfast. people have told me that this method screws up the metabolism, but i dont feel it. good luck.

  10. CuddleBug said :

    Try Atkins:

    Those are two discussion forums where they talk about the diet and permanent weight loss through Atkins.

  11. Jasdip C said :

    Well don’t actully burn the fat off you should turn your “blubber” into muscle. For example working out at your age is great for phyically and emotionally. But if you want to loose wait try cutting down the calories like multiply your weight by 10 and that’s how much you should eat daily. And also, excersing like running. But if you can buy stuff you only need a YMCA pass and a protein shake. But i think you acceptable for your weight currently.

  12. B said :

    ignore the first answer.
    speed is a drug and its never worth it.

    take up swimming, its best for you because it works every part of your body 🙂

  13. Liz deJesus said :

    Don’t buy Acai Berry pills. They are not a magic answer. Stop fretting and think long term. There is no healthy super quick weight loss plan. Get in shape in a healthy way and you’ll be slim and healthy your whole life. The “magic” answers: exercise and smart food choices. Yes, it is that simple. If you take pills, starve yourself, use diuretics, get a lap band…etc… you won’t stay thin and you’ll probably start a lifelong pattern of weight issues and unsafe dieting practices.

    P.S. 5’7″ and 170 is not that big. Exercise, eat right, and you’ll drop into a range that you’re more comfortable with. Not everyone is meant to be a size zero.

    **People tell you acai berry works because they want to sell you acai berry. It’s a healthy fruit, that’s all. You have to get it in a pill form because it doesn’t travel well. Blueberries offer very similar health benefits. Acai berry is just a fad – don’t fall for it.


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