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age: 13
height: 5″3
weight: 7″3
i feel really fat. and i just wanna loose weight so i can feel happy with my body.
any ideas would be great.
i usual skip breakfast
any ideas for meal plans?
exercise ideas?
i need to loose weight. about 10lb in 2 weeks ish.
please help me. much appreciated.:)
i mean 7stone 6lb. i’m sorry i didnt mean 7″6

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  1. m.wesoloski said :

    wow …… wow ….. your never gonna get laid

  2. Rjones0319 said :

    how can you weigh 7”3?

  3. Professional Fitness Trainer said :

    Do the Fat X workouts.

  4. arr_bird said :

    too young to be worrying. get whatever issues you have mentally sorted and you will feel better. if you are seriously overweight, your doctor will have plenty of advice if he or she feels you need to lose some.

  5. Darth_Syne said :

    Well,for starters lay off the snacks!!!!!!! Put down the brownie and pick up a banana.Run around for 30 mins a day and lift some weights. That’ll help..

  6. Raven said :

    DONT ever skip breakfast!

    its tested that people who don’t eat breakfast become over weight….

    if your on extreme… 1000 calories aday.

    do ab crunches situps etc

    go jogging!

    Breakfast= Whole Grain cereals= Cheerios with fruit on top

    SNACKS= Fruit,veg

    Pudding= Low fat yogurts!

    60 mins exercise aday!

    EAT SALAD, FRUIT AND TRY NOT TO EAT CHOCLATE…worked for me and im 13..

  7. evil_otaku said :

    ok, dumbest thing you can do is to skip breakfast. because your body stores more fat at night because it doesn’t know if there’s gonna be any food in the morning.
    i’m also 13, and i’m also on a diet. cut off all the crap, eat really healthy for breakfast, at lunch eat just a bit, not too much but also not too little. no seconds. you should also eat dinner, but the just a little, do not over do it. as for exercising, running is great, so you should walk to school, or any other places you go to, if it’s possible. also, try to join a team, like a basketball team, anything that makes you move, because if you’re like me, sometimes you don’t feel like exercising at home because there’s no one there to force you to do it. i joined ballet and it’s helping a loy. drink lots of water btw.

  8. Renne said :

    Firstly, I know you are only 13 years old but FYI boys dont like really skinny girls.

    and also dont skip breakfast, its the most important meal. even if you dont feel hungry in the morning you should eat something because it kicks starts your metabolism.

    sit ups are good and running, but really you dont need to lose any weight what so ever because you are at a healthy weight. you might just want to tone up if anything, in which case sit ups are best.

  9. im not telling you said :

    Follow this:

    -Don’t skip breakfast you need it to kick start your metabolism and keep your energetic throughout the morning…
    -Run / Swim / Bike / do cardio activity for 30 minutes minimum at least 3x a week
    -Do weight training (The more muscle you build the more calories you will burn by doing nothing)
    -Do some aerobic conditioning.
    -Do ab exercises to build core strength (also helps posture)
    -Learn to love yourself for who you are and not what you look like
    -Get off your computer and get outside

    *weight training can be substituted by pushups, dips, pullups, chinups ect.. if you dont have access to weights. – Note: weights will be much better but you should also include these exercises with weight training.

    Hope i helped now go exercise.

  10. LadyA said :

    well the healthy way to do it is 1st of all don’t skip breakfast that’s where your going wrong… second 6 lb is ok for the 1st week since is mainly water(if you drink Alot of water) and after that you should not lose more that 1.5lb if you do your mussels will get week and your heart will do too so take it slowly have 5 to 6 meals at day and make sure they are not big. also remove any junk food from your diet no mc’ds or chips etc and since your too young don’t need so much exercise just walk 20 to 30 minutes at day get some air go to the pool play soccer foot ball or something get away from the tv it would do wonders

  11. Aasdf said :

    Weight 7″3?

    First, your still going through puberty believe it or not and your body is still adjusting to the changes. Your still growing. Its a very bad idea to skip breakfast because it slows down your metabolism and makes it harder to loose weight or digest the food. You should have a big breakfast consisting of mostly high fiber. Such as oatmeal with a banana yogurt and orange juice. You feel fat cause your over thinking it and everyone at a certain age stresses over their body. Meals, small portion meals with high fiber, low fat, and low sugar. You should consume at least 1,500 calorie healthy diet a day. If your starving yourself our only going to gain weight.

  12. Sarah said :

    Do you mean 73 pounds? If so, your BMI is 12.9, which is on the really skinny side, so I don’t really suggest you to lose weight. However, cardivascular exercises like jump roping for 10 minute or swimming is the best to lose weight. Also, do some oxercise exercises at night by breathing deeply so it doesn’t waste your time. Refrain from eating snack food, although it’s fine for you to eat some meat and main meal.

  13. What-Happens said :

    Not too sure what you mean about you’re weight (7”3???). If you do feel uncomfortable with your body and want to lose weight DO NOT go on a strict regiment unless consulted by a professional. You are during a critical stage in your life (adolescence) where your body needs an ample amount of nutrients for development, depriving your body can cause stunted growth and health problems later in life. On that note, I would not suggest doing a crash diet. Try not setting dates for yourself in terms of weight loss but more in goals (such as: be able to jog a mile in 2 weeks, no desserts for a week, every day for a month go for a walk, etc.). Also, don’t skip breakfast! You have probably heard this many times but eating breakfast makes you less hungry throughout the day and jump-starts your metabolism. Even if you are not hungry in the morning, force yourself to have a little something for breakfast. As far as exercise goes jogging is by far the most effective for weight loss. Just walk at first and work your way up to a jog. Talk to your guardian for support, if they cook they can help make meals healthier for you and not buy as much junk food. If they are not supportive than you should feel more determined to prove them wrong. Drink lots of water! Hope this helps and good luck!


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