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I wanna loose weight quickly, any help?

Um, well first I did some research about how to loose weight quickly… they say to eat healthier, exercise… bla bla bla…. and I also asked the socialite group of which I´m a member of, and have told me to go anorexic for a while (but hell no)… My actual weight is 179 lb., but I do not look that fat cause I have big muscles due to the fact that I lift weighs. I want to go 150………..I get really lazy of exercise many times.
I am really careful of what I eat; no “light” products due that they have aspartame (in sweet products) and that may produce osteoporosis and any neurological damage…
And mostly cause all of my family members are more closely of a “god/goddess” body, and my beloved one is slim (he likes me the way I am but I insist anyway). I really want to reach my 150 lb. goal in less than 3 months cause I am in Senior year and I wanna look stunning at prom.
Please give reasonable answers without a stupid link that doesn´t work… and Hell No that I am not taking Acai shit
I am NOT taking that acai berry crap or any other pill, please post a reasonable answer without links to sites that sell crap…

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One Response to “I wanna loose weight quickly, any help?”

  1. Mr. Fitness said :

    Do the Fat X program. You’ll burn fat and get toned. The how to videos are on the Fat X 101 Blog.


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