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how can i loose weight quickly i will do anything! pleasee help me out :( pleaase?

Im going on holiday in 5weeks for the first time with my friends and boyfriend i should be excited but i’m really nervous. I have been trying to loose weight forvever!! i have always had a problem with food. I really dont want to go on holiday because of my size all my girl friends are small and thin i dont want to be the fat one once again 🙁 please help me i’ll do anything..!!!! x

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4 Responses to “how can i loose weight quickly i will do anything! pleasee help me out :( pleaase?”

  1. jgambbit said :

    For losing weight you must

    …have proper diet plan
    …avoid oily stuffs
    …take plenty of exercise
    …take lesser amount of salt in your food
    …you can also take sauna bath to accelerate the rate of weight loss
    …avoid junk food
    …avoid taking soda

    you may also visit the website for a proper diet plan hope it might help you.

  2. himanshukhurana82 said :

    To lose weight, you would need to understand your daily calorie requirement. If you eat lesser calories than your daily requirements, it results in weight-loss. You can find out your daily calorie budget as per your weight-loss goal at
    All you have to do is to eat with-in your calorie budget. You can increase your calorie budget by doing exercise.
    The site also tells you the calories in various food items.

  3. meghla said :

    First you have to understand something- do not be panic, be patient. Just focus on your goal. Make small goals, like in one week you will loss half pound, next week’s goal 1 pound, and so on.

    Change your food habit. Eat not more than 1200 calories a day. Try fresh fruit, juice, vegetables. Avoid potato, coconut, banana, beef, prawn or pork.

    Go for crash diet once a month only for 3-4days.

    Join a gym. If you can not, do not worry. Go for a walk. Walk as fast as you can. Start with 15 minutes, and then gradually increase time. Each day add 5 minutes. After your walk, do freehand exercise and yoga.

    There is a workout plan for you:
    Walk: 40 min

    7-10min= stretching

    15-20min= fly,Biceps Curl, Triceps Curl, Forward Arm Raise
    (all these=30 repetations)

    20-25min=Basic Crunch, Reverse Curl, Full Crunch, Squats, Rear Leg Lifts
    (all these=30 repetations)

    30min= yoga (try 6-8 postures, DO NOT forget to do the Corpse Pose after every pose)

    doing yoga after 30 mins of walking or after any workout is really very very effective for loosing weight.

    If you are very busy and don’t have much time to spend 75-80 min for working out then go for a 30min of walking and then do yoga. It works really very fast.

    I have lost 5 kgs (11 pounds) in last 1 and a half month by doing these things.

    Do not worry, be patient and simply focus on your small targets.

    Good luck

  4. Luli said :

    I think you are really going to struggle to lose enough to make a visible difference in 5 weeks unfortunately…

    Next summer is a more realistic time frame to be looking slim and trim.

    I had hit a bit of a plateau and then i started eating 5 X 250kcal meals per day and combined with 25 miles of cycling per week and drinking lots of green tea and i’ve lost 3 lbs in one week and that’s a lot considering i’m already at a good weight.

    Maybe you can try that and see how it goes?


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