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Question about diet pills and loosing weight, please answer!?

First off, this question is NOT for me, I am naturally skinny and Im not actually going to do anything this stupid, it is research for something I am writing, so please just factual answers.

If someone is approx 200lbs and they take diet pills, drink a LOT of water eat carrots when they have to eat, how much weight will they loose and how quickly (approximately) Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Question about diet pills and loosing weight, please answer!?”

  1. keekee1 said :

    I think the best pills for her to use is Alli it is a pill that let’s out all of your food that is clogged up it would probably not take to long until you are done with your pills and if it doesn’t you or others should suggest Weight Watchers. This should probably work quickly.

  2. underthesea233 said :

    First you need to provide more information.

    What sex are they? (It matters. A lot.)
    What is their body composition? (How much of the weight is muscle, and how much is fat?)
    How tall are they?
    What is their lifestyle like in terms of sedentary vs. active? Are they making any changes?
    What did they used to eat before? How much did they snack?
    How much sleep are they getting?
    What is their average level of stress?
    How much will they cheat? (Or is this an “in a perfect world” scenario?)

    All of these things factor in. Even knowing all these things it can be hard to tell.

  3. Jack White said :

    This is not an answer but email me.. You were intrested in becoming Harley yes?

    [email protected]

    Mr. J

  4. Kareen S said :

    The diet pills itself has 4 different type: metabolism booster, appetite suppressant, fat blocker, carb blocker. And all of those type are designed to control the calorie intake of someone not to make people magically lose weight.

    So in your case, if that person is capable of drinking a lot of water and eating carrot without any trouble then that person doesn’t need any diet pills. So in this case the diet pills would do no good, that person will loose as same as you or me drinking only water and eat carrots.


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