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Question about my weight? I’m 15?

So I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m not obese, but i’m not at the weight I would like to be. I weigh 140 pounds and I’m 5’7. I have been starving myself recently and it’s actually working really well. I’m loosing a lot of weight. This morning for breakfast I just had an egg and a piece of toast. I have to eat when I’m with my family. I have never thrown up my food though, so I’m not bulimic. Also I take 35 mg adderal
It’s just, I’m doing my homework right now and I just got up to get something. My eyes got really blurry and I heard a beeping noise. I have fainted before so I thought I was fainting. I just layed on my bed as quickly as I could and I did not faint.
Was this related to me starving myself? How can I loose weight without starving myself?

Also, I know that many of you will tell me to excersice. I cannot excersise because I have too much schoolwork to focus on and I have no time.

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One Response to “Question about my weight? I’m 15?”

  1. master debator said :

    how about you eat healthy foods? nothing tastes as good as skinny feels 😀


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