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How to loose weight quickly by dieting? Also please answer details of question.?

1. Effects of taking Proteins and not working out (just getting involved in some jogging and brisk walking)?

2. Does sugars present in Fruits and Vegetables cause weight gain?

3. Effects of Zinc & Vitamin H (Biotin) tablets, Does its use have any side effects?

4. Does drinking lots of water help in weight loss?

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3 Responses to “How to loose weight quickly by dieting? Also please answer details of question.?”

  1. sarge927 said :

    OK, let’s break it down:

    (1) Getting more protein in your diet can help you lose weight, even if you’re not doing strength training, because protein requires more energy to digest. However, increasing your protein intake makes your kidneys work harder, so you should drink extra water if you’re eating more protein. Also, adding muscle is a good way to burn fat because your body needs roughly 50 calories more per day for every extra pound of muscle you have, so you may want to consider adding strength training to your regimen.

    (2) The sugars in fruits and vegetables generally do not cause weight gain. Just bear in mind that eating or drinking too much of anything will cause you to gain weight. Fruits and vegetables are much better for you than fruit and vegetable juice, and they should be a part of any weight loss regimen.

    (3) Taking Zinc and Biotin does not have any side effects as long as you don’t take too much. Any vitamin or mineral taken in huge quantities can be harmful — too much Vitamin A can kill you — so your best bet is to take a multivitamin that has Zinc and Biotin in it, along with all the other vitamins and minerals you need (when you’re trying to lose weight the extra vitamins you get from a multivitamin are very helpful).

    (4) Drinking water can help aid in weight loss. Many people carry around a few extra pounds in water weight, and drinking enough water — at least half a gallon a day — can help you lose that water weight. Also, if you drink water instead of soft drinks or fruit juice, you’re cutting out a lot of unnecessary calories. Soft drinks and many fruit juices are LOADED with high fructose corn syrup, which is the father of all dietary evil. It causes weight gain, it raises your “bad” cholesterol, and it puts you at higher risk for adult-onset diabetes. Avoid it as much as possible.

  2. whateverhohum said :

    #1: Protein burns fat, brisk walking good for burrning calories easier on bones and joint then running/jogging.
    #2: Natural sugars are always better for you then proseced sugars.
    #4 always. before,during and after a meal water works wonders.

    Good Luck Ihope this helps.

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