how could i loose weight quickly? details below?

i was sick for a few weeks,and now im starting to feel a little better. i was living off milkshakes, ice cream or whatever was cold. ick and i regret it. ive gained weight!
how can i get motivated and loose the weight quickly?
plz help!

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5 Responses to “how could i loose weight quickly? details below?”

  1. R0Ck 0n said:

    Here is a website where you will find many WEIGHT LOSS tips which i think may help you.

    so’ have a look:-

  2. Girima D said:

    The cambridge diet. You can only drink liquids. no food. You can drink milkshakes and soup. I lost 8 lbs in a week.

  3. madamdreamweaver said:

    Actually, since you were sick and eating this way, once you start eating a normal healthy diet (lean protein, fruit, veggies, whole grains) and exercise at least 3x a week, those extra pounds will probably drop right back off. Being sick put you in unusual circumstances.
    Will weight loss that LASTS should be no more then 1 or 2 lbs a week.

  4. introublegirl said:

    STaying away of milkshake or ice cream is good for you u dont have to forget about it completely. If you stick to eat this type of negative calories food. The only simple way to loose weight fast is to raise your metabolism, to burn more fat. not to starve yourself because your body is very intellident, it can detect when you are lack of calories from food and makes u feel sleepy to restore calories for the body.
    Eat negative calories or high fiber food: Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce & zucchini. Because these food require a lot of calories to digest so in return the more you eat the more calories you can burn without doing anything.
    Fruits that are good for you are apple, grapefruit ( as much as possible , no harm ) or any other type of citrus like pomelo or orange.
    Eat many small meals rather than 2 or 3 big meals. Because if u do so you will get your body to work all the time to digest the food and it will keep your body digestion up => burn more calories.
    Drink a lot of green tea. Good for your health, delicious and high antioxident. Not only for weight loss but also for better looking skin.
    Exercise regularly helps, like walking, running or swimming burns more calories. Go to sauna or swimming, dogwalking, clean up your house more often, housework chore, if ur lazy. Keep yourself active even when ur lazy 😀 .
    Spicy food help boost metabolism.
    Eat more fish and beef, mincemeat . if you eat chicken dont eat the skin.
    Drink omega 3 fish oil supplement to have better concentration and memory, and omega 3 fish oil helps the body to prevent restore fat.
    You can check here for more explanation about this, the best article about diet and i saved it in my favorite.
    And this is not mandatory , just a good suggestion for you in case u want some supplement . what me and my sister have used is Bowtrol Colon cleanse,they offered free trial still I think, because Ive heard that from one of my friend who has just purchased it. Go here for the trial .
    Supplement is not mandatory, but omega 3 and bowtrol are the product that i use regularly, omega 3 is good for brain and memory. And bowtrol colon cleanse , I use weekly ( if ur on a diet and want to lose weight then u can use daily ) because it helps clean all the toxicant , contamination and fat .
    And remember, nothing fast is quick, change your eating habit and u will not feel like ur going on a diet at all, still enjoy the food and believe that you’re going on the best diet plan.
    Good luck.

  5. Paul said:


    If you stop eating what you have been eating, you will lose weight.
    Drink lot of water, eat fresh produce, avoid processed food, don’t eat bread/pasta/potato/rice after pm, eat more often, don’t drink alcohol,soft drinks, anything sweet, don’t eat sweets, exercise.

    Try to eat proteins one day, another day proteins and carbs-vegetables then just proteins again, then proteins and carbs…. no fruit for few weeks.

    Hope it helps


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