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How to loose weight really quickly. plz plz answer!?

Im always being called fat how to loose weight very quickly and im too young for a gym help!

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4 Responses to “How to loose weight really quickly. plz plz answer!?”

  1. Ballsack Teabagger said :

    dont eat

  2. John Dempsey said :

    Quickly? Stop eating and make yourself puke when you do eat.. This is unsafe though.
    Cut out sweets and soda
    Work out
    Eat healthier

  3. Ashley said :


  4. Jerome Tailor said :

    I’ve lost 45 pounds this year (would have lost more but Thanksgiving and Chistmas got in the way!). I am 25 pounds away from my BMI target and still losing. Having had experiences with a bunch of crash diets and fitness programs, I can tell you that there is no single fad program which works for everybody, all the time. A program that focuses on long term weight control is the best and most realistic approach. The only web site I’ve found that seems to understand this is old crow ink. Please try them out and see if one of their solutions works for you.
    Have a healthy life


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