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all about weight. Helppppp please!!

Okay, so I wanna loose weight quickly! I’ve already lost ten pounds in a week. Should i keep starving myself for a bit or what? i’m 140 now, and am 5’7 but i wanna get to 125. Oh and how do you get rid of big thighs? haha, like mine look athletic, because i ride horses, but i want them gone! theres some fat and i don’t want that, i want skinny legssssssss.


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2 Responses to “all about weight. Helppppp please!!”

  1. CocoLoco said :

    Whoa whatever you do dont starve yourself. Once you start eating, everything you eat will automatically turn to fat and you will gain weight

    & For thighs i would use the treadmill and the eliptical
    I have used both and my thighs got smaller

  2. slinkies said :

    eat protein and do low weight+high rep exercises … if you don’t eat protein, your body will use the muscle for energy and you will be left with smaller legs covered in cottage-cheese-ooshy-gooshy-fat!!


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