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im 5’6- 15 turning 16 in july and i weight about 155 overweight.?

i hate being the way i am i just want to loose weight ): if there are any ways i can quickly lose weight please tell me! i want a flat stomach and loose more weight off from my thighs.. and i have no idea how to lose my love handles. PLEASE HELP! i really need it.

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3 Responses to “im 5’6- 15 turning 16 in july and i weight about 155 overweight.?”

  1. lucrecia said :

    Listen up baby while momma lucrecia teach you a lesson about being fat

    1) It’s okay to have a few love handles. It is not okay to have an affair after you married. See what I mean?
    2) It’s okay to be a little tubby. It is not okay to be dranking and driving, fo you finna cause some recks. I mean, you crazy.
    3) Please, treadmill, diet, quit eating a whole bucket of chicken every meal.
    4) No more icecream after dark. You say you wanna be skinny and then you piggin out like a crazy person, please.
    5) You will not stank as bad after you start eating better. I mean, you simply cannot reach around yo big butt to wipe properly or to clean like you should in the shower. Please, it’s getting nasty up in here.

    I mean, you welcome. 10 point, hello.

  2. captainswoman said :

    You’re not that much over your ideal body weight. However, ideal body weight’s are different for some people, you should talk to your doctor. Losing weight quickly is usually achieved with quick-fixes, pills, and crash diets, which are generally not safe. It’s best to adopt healthy eating habits, and an exercise routine. Because you can drop a bunch of weight and gain it right back if you continue with bad habits.

    Also, fat cannot really be targeted in specific areas. You’ll shed it wherever your genes say you will. Cardio is typically good for losing fat and getting in shape. Find something you enjoy, like swimming, tennis, running, or dance.

    Most importantly, you’ve got to appreciate who you are before, during, and after! I know you’re at an age where you’re probably extremely worried about what you look like, but don’t.

  3. Mixteada22 said :

    Well, for starters, if you are really unhappy with the way you are looking and feeling, no one can change you but you. YOU have to make this change so dont depend on other people. Make living healthy a lifestyle, and when you reach your goal weight, keep working out to maintain it. If you fall back into old habits, you will gain the weight back, and more of it.

    Now, diet is EXTREMELY important to weight loss. DONT FALL INTO THE TRAP THAT YOU SHOULD SKIP MEALS TO LOSE WEIGHT!! That only does harm to your body. Actually, you will hae better results byt eating 5-6 smaller meals a day (EX: Breakfast and an hour or two later and apple or healthy snack then Lunch and an hour or two later a snack then dinner etc. Make sure you are eating every 1-2 hours. and your snacks should be healthy, like fruit, nuts, crackers, something light a low calorie.) Stay away from fast food, fried food, greasy food, foods with too much sugar, candy etc. Be strict on yourself at first, but dont torture yourself either. If you want a brownie, eat one, just dont eat one everyday or eat 5 at once, you know? If your a soda drinker, CUT IT OUT COMPLETELY!! Soda drinkers who replace soda with water for one week can lose up to five pounds. Drink tons of water. Its very important. And remember, CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT!

    Im not sure of your fitness level, but the fastest way your going to lose the weight is working out everyday, 5 days a week. Start by running or jogging, or even walking 3 days a week. (Mon, Wed, and Frid) Tuesday and thursday you should do some kind of stength training. If you dont have access to a gym, you can use your own body weight. Try doing things like lunges, leg lifts, squats, push ups etc( if you cant do floor push ups, start out doing wall push ups). And make sure you rest on the rest days, becaue its important for your body to recover.

    Really push yourself. Stay motivated. Get a workout buddy. Keep a picture of your dream bod on your wall. Do whatever it takes and dont quit. You are going to do great, and feel great! You can do it!! 😀


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