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how can i loose weight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me?best answer i promise.?

hey guys and girls i really want to loose weight quickly plz help me ,i’m 14 and i’m 190lb pzl help me…………….

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5 Responses to “how can i loose weight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me?best answer i promise.?”

  1. wondering said :

    it depnds on if u need to lose weight and where and how tall you are search for a fitness plan according to YOU

  2. Marah xx said :

    DONT ever starve urself.. just get ready to be patient in loosing weight.. it takes months to loose a good amount of weight.. in the mornin eat very good healthy stuff.. doesnt matter how much u eat in breakfast as long as u move through out the day.. dnt ever skip breakfast.. then go joggin or swimmin or cycling 20.-30 min.. in the beginin u will get tired fast but dnt give up .. by time u wont get tired and u will be used 2 it.. then go home eat salad with either grilled chicken,meat or fish.. when ur hungry..dnt pig out on chips or chocolate .. eat apples or any fruit.. dnt eat 3-4 hrs before u sleep.. and in the mornin if u eat bread or rice.. eat brown bread or brown rice.. gdluck 😀

  3. ya7te7uja02 said :

    To lose weight, eat less and exercise more. If you lose weight fast, it is very likely that you will soon regain that weight, plus more. It is recommended that you lose one pound per week, if you want to keep the weight off.

    Here are links to help you.

    Ideal body weight calculator for children and adults:

    Body Mass Index calculator for children and adults:

    This web site from the National Institutes for Health has all the information you need to take charge of your weight:

    Here is a page that explains how to eat a balanced diet for different calorie levels. Although this page is intended for diabetics, this is the same balanced diet that is recommended for everyone.

    A healthy exercise program addresses all five aspects of physical fitness: aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body fat composition.
    This is an excellent site for exercise:

  4. Trudyluva J said :

    eat right and exersice. fruites & veges and working out can help u a lot.

  5. Ree said :

    Hmm I haven’t loss weight myself (or not purposely), but from my two friends that have been with, they’re dead skinny now.

    One of my friends stopped eating all that junk food and those fast food restaurants. She would run on her tredmill for 2 hours per day. Eat really healthy (as in veggies, fruits) and once in a while, treat yourself to something (not something extreme like a huge chunk of cake, just something small like those mini-snicker bars.) Also don’t be afraid, ask parents, or since I’m assuming you’re in middle school, see if they allow you to go work out in the gym/weigh room at your school.

    My other friend DID it the wrong way. He was 200 something, and what he did, was not eat. I highly suggest you DO NOT do that, because he grew very skinny and fainted A LOT. But now he stopped and started eating healthy food.

    It all takes a lot of time. Just eat healthy and exercise a lot.

    And don’t be too afraid of your mass weight as well, you’re still growing, kid ^.< Good luck


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