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How quickly should I loose weight following this diet?

Eating dinner x3 a week
at all other times eat only a multivitamin, green tea, and 3 litres of water

this is my diet and it has lost me a lot of weight so far
i lost it recently due to stress and gained a few lb
but i am back on track
how quickly can I lose my last 15 lb on this diet?

and how should i maintain my goal weight (90 lb) when I get there?

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One Response to “How quickly should I loose weight following this diet?”

  1. rachel said :

    I don’t know but I have been on the South Beach Diet for 7wks now and have lost 25lbs. I feel great. My clothes are so baggy. I have dealt with a weight problem for 10yrs. This diet is working for me. I have soo much energy. The only thing. I have to take a potassium pill cause you are not getting that much potassium. Good luck. On South Beach, you can lose 8-13lbs the first 2 wks.


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