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Would this diet help me lose weight?

Helloo 🙂
I was just wondering that if this was my diet for every day would it be healthy and help me lose weight?

2 green teas
a few biscuits
a packet of crisps
as much fruit as possible

and if this was my excercise regime:
squat thrusts
push ups

any help would be appreciated!

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6 Responses to “Would this diet help me lose weight?”

  1. Bobby said :


  2. <3 <3<3 said :

    This meal plan is too low in calories and also is completely unbalanced. You are mostly consuming carbs minus the fruit (which is very good for you!) Up your calories to speed up your metabolism. Otherwise, your body will be in starvation mode and you will have serious trouble even losing weight. Add protein to your meal plan too. You have none!

  3. Fairy Codswallop said :

    No, where are you getting your Calcium and Protein from here?
    And just eating loads of fruit you could overdose on Vitamin C, which is bad.
    You need to make sure you get all of your nutrients and just eat less and at regular times. If you end up losing too much wait, eat a little more.

  4. NaTh said :

    sweetie did you hear the white glo crave away toothpaste??? it is the easiest way to loose weight in less than a week i lost 6kg even i don’t exercise this is true no joke! it only surpass your appetite you can eat whatever you want… if you use the toothpaste be sure that you will eat after 1 hr.. it is very effective…

  5. O Wise One said :

    As a general rule of thumb, fruit acts as cell cleansers and veggies are the cell builders. Losing weight often involves cleaning out your system. Fruits are a wise choice. Be advised, however, that a drastic change to your normal diet may be upsetting to your digestive system and may result in diarrheal. An excellent addition to your exercise regime would be stretches.
    The best exercise, however, is the one that you will stick with. The key to losing weight is consistency. Twenty pounds doesn’t jump on you at night as you walk down a dark alley. It is added one ounce at a time and it is lost the same way. Suggestion: Decide how many pounds you wish to lose. Buy a box of paper clips and remove the same number of paper clips from the box. Clip them together and hang them from the refrigerator. Place your scale by your fridge and weigh yourself each morning. As you lose one pound, remove a paper clip. As you see the string of clips get shorter, you KNOW that you are succeeding. Peace and Love.

  6. Jewel said :

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