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would this help me lose some fat and tone my body?

i have cut out sodas and deserts from my diet. I am drinking at least 8 cups of water a day, and only eating fruit as snacks after dinner if im hungry.

I weigh about 190 pounds, and i have a lot of muscle but i am bulky. I am trying to cut down some fat, so i look more toned, especially on my back and stomach. I have been lifting for a couple years already, and i have also started to do my workouts based on super setting to keep my heart rate up during the whole workout.

Will this help me lose fat but at the same time maintain muscle?
i already excercise so dont tell me to just excercise, i want to know if what i said above is going to help me.

dont reccomend pills or supplements or any stuff like that

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One Response to “would this help me lose some fat and tone my body?”

  1. RagingAres said :

    sounds like it should help you. =D if you eat healthy, then you will be healthy. (with exercise which you already have) Cutting out sodas and deserts are a really good thing to do, considering a lot of deserts have a lot of fat and carbs and that stuff; sodas too.


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