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What protein shake should i get to gain muscle and lose fat?

I want to get a six pack and tone my hole body and drop the fat that i do have. i need to lose the fat and gain the muscle SUPER FAST!! also i want to just drink these shakes and have 1 meal a day as my diet is that crazy.

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8 Responses to “What protein shake should i get to gain muscle and lose fat?”

  1. Meg said :

    Everyone’s different so it depends on your body type. You should go to your local grocery store and compare the different brands.

  2. Andrew said :

    Unfortunately you have to do either gaining or losing because your body can only be doing one at a time. To gain muscle or fat you are in an anabolic state. To lose muscle or fat you are in a catabolic state.

  3. Kevin M said :

    A protein shake wont make you loose weight, but it is helpfull after the work out, i use muscle milk, and you can ask a guy at your gym and they will highly recomend it.

  4. McNinja said :

    I don’t think one meal a day is healthy, even with protein shakes. Maybe a big breakfast then a crazy workout then dinner, but your body needs fruits, vegetables, and everything else to function properly.

  5. Elliot said :

    Having one meal a day is a great way to screw up your diet and binge. Eat every hour or two. When you eat, eat in small healthy portions. Workout everyday alternating upperbody days with ab/cardio days. Also drink AMP wheyabolic extreme 60 protein. Very nice.

  6. monstermind said :

    whoever told you protein shakes make you gain muscle and lost fat is out to lunch and as awesome as the idea might seem to survive off of 1 meal a day, it’s very unrealistic and unhealthy and will cause you to gain so much weight when you come off it.

    If you want to lose fat and gain muscle, hit the gym with a cutting routine, which is a work out term for losing body fat, you can find several cutting workouts online, you can google it.

    You also need to eat 6 small meals a day of a healthy balanced variety of meats, veggies and carbohydrates so that your body knows that it’s not in starvation mode and can instead use the excess fat as energy instead of using up your muscle mass for it. Your body is programmed so that the fat stored is used in extreme circumstances.

    I also suggest joining a health and fitness forum where you can learn from the other posters about healthy food choices and good workout routines, it’ll also help you stay motivated and educated. has tons of great articles, workout routines and a good community, hope this helps.

  7. tscpunited said :

    try creatine instead. protein will build muscle. Creatine will also build muscle and recover your muscles faster. Here…

  8. health guide said :

    Make sure you use a pure whey protein with No artificial Sweeteners, No artificial Flavors, No artificial Fillers etc.

    These guys sell the highest quality and best priced pure whey protein.


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