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Diet to lose some fat but gain muscle (high calorie)?

Im small 5′ 8″ 140 lbs and 14% body fat so id like to be below 10. Problem is i still gotta grow a lil i think so i gotta eat a lot of calories but lose my fat. On top of that i plan on working out, but what should i be eating to help me achieve my goal?

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2 Responses to “Diet to lose some fat but gain muscle (high calorie)?”

  1. pablo said :

    the best diet is:

  2. Bill Oliver said :


    Good question! It’s good that you understand diet will be the most important thing involved in losing fat and gaining muscle mass. However, you only say that you “plan on working out.” You need to be more serious about your training than that if you want to accomplish your goals. Putting on muscle and losing fat in the SAME time period is a very difficult goal for most people, and you really need to train hard enough and smart enough to make your body NEED to make these positive changes.

    First of all, with your diet – eat plenty of lean protein at every meal, and eat 5-6 meals per day. These should be moderately-sized, but make sure you’re getting at least 4-5 ounces of meat, poultry, fish, etc. per meal. Eat your fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and eat some whole grains like oatmeal or rice for breakfast and before you train.

    As for your training – you’ll need to focus on hard weight training. The times when I’ve been able to get leaner AND gain muscle at the same time have been when I was training very hard, as frequently as possible. Do heavy lifts like squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and rows, and make sure to always try to get stronger. Don’t worry about getting “bulky” or some other fitness magazine nonsense – the only way to look “bulky” is to gain fat by eating too much.

    Hope this helps. Stick to your plan, and you will make great progress!


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