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how can i lose some body fat? and how long will it take with this routine?

I am 5’8 weighing in at about 150-155. i am 15 and i started lifting weights a few months ago. I like to wear cut shirts to show the muscle i have but i hate it too cause i have fat around my chest and lower stomach. how can i get rid of it? i am planning on cutting for a month or two. in p.e. i do like 8 miles biking at school another 8 at home im walking all day at high school and walking home about a mile not including school walking.. and i might start going on the track. i dont really consume that many calories a day. i dont eat breakfast, for lunch i usually have a bowl of cereal and a sanwich and for dinner i pretty much eat a full sized meal.. how long will it take to acheive my goal and lose about 10 or so pounds of fat on this routine??

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5 Responses to “how can i lose some body fat? and how long will it take with this routine?”

  1. straighthealth17 said :

    When we want to get rid of body fat, there is no way to specifically burn fat from one part of the body. Doing situps won’t burn the fat that is covering your abs and doing tricep extensions won’t get rid of the fat that is covering your triceps. The only thing you can do is lose weight all around and eventually the problem area will also improve. The way to burn fat is through a calorie restricted diet in conjunction with an exercise routine that will burn calories. Activities that burn calories include running, biking, swimming and other high intensity activities.

    Guide to Reducing Body Fat –

  2. flowerlove101 said :

    okay, first eat a healthy breakfast and better lunch. if you don’t eat breakfast it can make you fatter… okay, before the summer, I really wanted to lose some fat/weight. so everyday, i din’t eat much junk food, and got daily excercise by running/walking, playing badminton, and swimming.. And god, did I lose a WHOLE bunch of fat! In 2 months!!!! but you know what? I didn’t lose a single pound……..and i don’t really know why. i weigh more then most of my friends because I have alot of muscals.

  3. iqbsrob said :

    You seem to be a good weight for your height check . If you are going to continue with the weights, use light weight and do more reps to burn fat. Run springs, jog, or ride a bike often. Eat plenty of fresh natural or organic fruits, veggies. the do not contain growth hormones or pesticides. Do not eat process or fast foods, you’ll have a weight issue for a life time. Stay away from sodas and food seasons, and cut back on breaks and pasta

  4. truthislight said :

    This plan is setting you up for failure. First, I would suggest eating breakfast every morning. It doesn’t have to be any more than a bowl of oatmeal and some eggs, or healthy cereal (most cereals are horrible for you). It sounds like you’re consuming the majority of your calories in the evening when it should be the other way around. Start eating right..the clean way..and you should see changes. You are getting plenty of cardio. Be careful not to overdo it. You want to keep the muscle you have and get rid of the fat. If you haven’t done so already, look into beginning a weight training program.

  5. Rumble Roller Canada said :

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