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What should be my calorie intake if i wnat to lose fat and add muscle?

I’m 5’11 186 19 and male pretty good build but i have to lose some fat i currnetly have a 4 day split routine and two days when i do hiit so around what number should my calories be at is 2500 good

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4 Responses to “What should be my calorie intake if i wnat to lose fat and add muscle?”

  1. Amanda said :

    How many calories do you eat on average currently?
    Are you currently gaining/losing/not changing weight?
    If you are gaining right now, 1500-1800 calories + 30 minutes of daily exercise.
    If you are staying the same weight (and have been for a while) cut down 500 calories from what you are currently eating and add 30 minutes of daily exercise. Decrease calories more if you don’t start losing a little weight.

  2. Sandy said :

    It depends on how many calories you are consuming doing your every day movements.
    If you are serious about losing weight, try a customized fat loss program

    Good luck

  3. Go Lakers #1 said :

    At 2500 calories…chances are you won’t really gain muscle or lose fat.

    Depending on our exercise of course. But that number seems like a number you would use to maintain your current body weight.

    To burn fat:

    1) Eat less than you burn on a normal day (eat somewhere around 2200-2300).

    To build muscle:

    1) Eat more than you burn on a normal day (somewhere around 2700-2800 calories).

    So, technically the two require opposite diets. Body builders, athletes and professionals seem to use a 2 phase process of bulking up and than cutting down the fat. So, 6 months of eating more than you should be, and 6 months of eating less than you should be.

  4. opinionatedmedic said :

    That looks about right man. Im 5’8 bout your weight and bulking right now and I do about 3000 a day, and thats on the low end of what I should be doing. Correction, thats about right for the fat loss, you need more for the muscle building. Id suggest you do one or the other and you will be happier with the results. Im gonna guees if you have a pretty good buld your bodyfat isnt that bad right now. If you want rid of it Id just eat and workout to cut and then go back to bulking.


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