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Is this going to help me lose some fat?

Everday after school I walk the 3 miles home. Every morning, first hour of school I have gym. So every Tuesday and Thursday I run or do stair workouts and the other days I lift weights. Weekends I do a few situps and pushups. Is this a good work out plan I have? Id really like to be a tad slimmer by the summer.

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7 Responses to “Is this going to help me lose some fat?”

  1. -HeyLpStar- said :

    yeah! i guess.. thats a good plan to me.

  2. CC said :

    my friend lost three pounds walking wayyyy less than a mile each day walking from her grammas to school, so yeah

  3. smwat03 said :

    It is really good as long as your not eating junk and drinking soda.

  4. B-Rookey said :

    Yes, you are getting in some good good cardio and weight training too. Just make sure to eat right and rink tons of water. Also, switch your routine up a bit. Maybe start running more, walking farther, or swimming.

  5. Candice B said :

    It sounds good on the exercise end. Keep in mind losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

    make sure you are not drinking sodas, fruit juices or Starbucks high fat drinks.

    Make sure you are drinking a min. of 64oz of water daily 80oz would be better.

    Stay away from foods in a package. Stay with fresh foods.

  6. Christo said :

    Great regimen!!! Just make sure you take into consideration what you’re putting into your body too. NO soda! No fatty junk foods! Keep that up and you’ll definitely be slimmer by summer! =]

  7. How you can said :

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