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How can i make my muscles more defined and how can i lose some body fat

I have been working out for a few months, i can do 70 situps in 2 minutes and i can do 50 pushups in a row with out any pain, im 15 and i weigh 155 pounds, im about 5’3 i have a bit of extra fat but in no way am i overweight even though i weigh more than usual for my height and age.

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9 Responses to “How can i make my muscles more defined and how can i lose some body fat”

  1. Jason F said :

    working out and eating right. why do people ask this question? it has a VERY obvious answer. are you hoping for someone to come along and tell you about some magical way to lose weight?

    the easiest way… get off the computer chair and start running.

    shearocket is a retard.

    walking is what super fat people do to lose weight cuz they cant run. running is way better.

    and yes you do want to work on your heart.

    only an idiot would say you dont want to work your heart. thats what cardio is. cardio is a medical term to refer to your heart. your heart is a muscle and needs to be worked. in my opinion it is a very good thing to have a strong heart. the stronger your heart, the healthier the rest of your body is going to be.

    the best way to lose weight is doing a lot of cardio.(running,walking,swimming)

  2. Miguel_19_from LA said :

    Well don’t skipp meals.If you skip you get hungrier and eat more than usual.Try to eat breakfast.Eat less because if you exercise but eat more you gain the same amount of weght.

  3. ChrisNeeds said :

    i agree with the first answer why do people ask stupid questions when you already know the answer. and losing bodyfat makes you more defined so there is no need for 2 questions in the title.

  4. Adam Bomb said :

    your only 15 your gonna get bigger and your muscles will grow with it soo just wait

  5. Tatum said :

    bravo bravo
    and you can say i am strong 7000 times in a minute too

  6. MICHAEL H said :

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but 70 situps in 2 minutes isn’t a max..
    Neither is 50 pushups as a max.
    What you need to do is Cardiovascular exercises like running(breathing)..
    Pushups are an excellent way to work out your shoulders, back, and arms.
    I also recommend looking up stretches.. Health stretches with a health diet actually works out your muscles very nicely.
    I’m not gonna give you false answers, at 15, 50 pushups is pretty good.

  7. [email protected] said :

    ok well keep on doing that and walk, not run, walk, you want to work on exess fat not your heart, walk 30 min a day best in morning, dont eat after 7 this will surly work

  8. Dudeman said :

    I used to Be OverWeight And Now I’m Average size. The Best Thing To Do Really Is Watch What You Eat And If You Really Like Some Foods Look For Their Non-Fat Others. But IF Your Looking For a Diet I Recommend A Mediterranean Diet.

  9. Sc8ter Girl said :

    The first thing to ask yourself is: “Am I really overweight?” Or more accurately, “Am I too fat?” A lot of teen athletes, especially guys, may weigh more than average for their age because they have extra muscle — not too much fat — on their bodies. Only people who have excess body fat should consider cutting calories and trying to lose weight. If people with normal amounts of body fat go on a low-cal diet, they lose muscle tissue, which just makes them weaker, slower, and saps them of energy. Not exactly what you want if you’re driving to the hoop or trying to smack one out of the park. So check with your doctor first about whether losing weight is right for you.

    If you find out that you really do have too much body fat, the best way to get rid of it is through a combination of exercise and eating fewer calories. Despite all the media fuss about low-carb diets, research into their effectiveness (especially among teens) is still limited. There isn’t much evidence that cutting down on a particular food group, like carbs, is a better way to lose weight than just eating fewer calories altogether. In fact, no diet that drastically restricts calories or cuts out particular foods has been proven to keep weight off over the long term. One helpful change can be to cut out sodas and juices, which contain large amounts of sugar and empty calories.

    So if you do need to lose excess body fat, regular exercise along with eating fewer calories until you get to your goal is the way to go.


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