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im trying to lose some fat off my stomach?

i have started to use an exercise bike so i do it at home for about 15 min in the morning and 15 in the evening…will it help me to get rid of the fatty tommy?

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4 Responses to “im trying to lose some fat off my stomach?”

  1. tincerbell101 said :

    Yes, but only if you eat right. Eating right and exersizing is the #1 way to loose some of that fat. Good luck!

  2. Mariaz said :

    try to eat cumin seeds with curry leaves. try cabbage soup, it really works… of course exercise.

  3. moon_lite said :

    Best of luck ! …but don’t forget to tell me as well, if successful !

  4. Tom 5 said :

    Don’t eat within 3 hours before going to sleep.


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