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Best cardio and other exercise to lose stomach fat?

I just turned 15 and i am trying to lose the fat on my stomach, i am really self conscious about it and i want to lose it as fast as possible
any tips on losing weight/burning a lot of calories/eating tips?
i would really like to know the best exercises to lose my stomach fat and weight pretty much anywhere else?
any tips and recommendations would be great!

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4 Responses to “Best cardio and other exercise to lose stomach fat?”

  1. Farewell said :

    Running is a great all over fat burner.

  2. Nan's cat Tigger said :

    Belly fat is lost best on a low carb diet such as the south beach diet. No foods with carbohydrates in. You can have meats, salad and that’s about it…

  3. Azer Baki said :

    Tips and Exercices to Lose Your Abdominal Fat Works Fast!

  4. nvee said :

    Jogging or Running is a quick way to lose weight. That might be a little hard for some people, but you can also walk or power walk around your neighborhood. As far as your ABS you have the ABroller that is quite a good product or a Fun Dance Class that pertains to the ABS and they are coming up in so many areas. I am a Weightloss Expert so I can come up with so many ideas for you. I have a AB Program that has worked for 100ths of my clients. Go to my Website and see all the information and tips on Diet and Exercise. It will get you started on your way to the results you are looking for.


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