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Disabled and need to lose some weight. How to do it?

I have been under 5 foot all of my life. I have had problems losing weight since my second child was born. I have a rapid heart beat and back problems but would love to start doing some kind of exercise to feel better health wise and lose some of my stomach. Anybody have any ideas on how to do it? I don’t have money so fancy stuff is definitely out of the question.

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2 Responses to “Disabled and need to lose some weight. How to do it?”

  1. Littl'EfootE said :

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  2. Megg said :

    Focus on vegetables. One of my college roommates has an obese, diabetic mother who has bad circulation issues in her legs and feet and cannot move around too much at a time. She had a weak will and had trouble with snacking. The doctor told her that she could have what she wanted for supper as long as she had TWO cups of vegetables at lunch and dinner.
    She was so full on veggies that she wasn’t able to eat much of the other things she chose.


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