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I need to lose some weight in about 3 months?

I am 5’9 about 160 lbs male. I lift weights about 4 times a week so I am trying to build muscle and lose fat, overall weight doesnt really matter so much as losing fat. I am trying to start a diet consisting mainly of yogurt, chicken breasts, veggies, skim milk, protein shakes. Im also doing about 20 minutes running 4 times a week(7 mph). Should I be able to lose about 15 lbs of fat by may or what else should I do to be able to reach my goal?

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8 Responses to “I need to lose some weight in about 3 months?”

  1. parul_kohli1721 said :

    eat food that consist more of fibre and run regularly

  2. Cmiller said :

    You should continue eating a good deit and lifting but you should also run in the mornings.


  3. KristaElizabeth said :

    Run! Weight lifting builds muscle but isn’t so effective at helping you lose weight. I also heard that drinking lots of water can help, too.

  4. sleep_chic said :

    that sounds good, but you may even be overdoing it and your body will fight that. Don’t just go 7mph for 20 minutes. Vary it the entire 20 minutes……..such as 7mph for 2 minutes, 8mph for 1 minute, 6mph for 1 minute, ETC. Keep changing what the intensity is so it shocks your body and it will use fat for energy. If you have 3 months, i suggest reading body for life by bill phillips. It’s a 90 day program sort of similar to what your doing. I lost about 30 pounds doing this. It works very very well, it’s 3 days of weights and 3 days of intensity changing cardio. And one day is OFF to give your body a rest. Sometimes actually…..if you hit a stuck point, rest can be what your body needs to re fuel its self! Good luck 🙂

  5. Ask a Health Nut said :

    Every time you lift weights I recommend that you run…any form of light cardio. You main things should be to cut back on sugar, that includes alcohol and drink plenty of water and watch for fat in your food. Make sure that no more than 35 % of you intake in food is fat. Email me and I can send you a helpful food tracker or goal tracker.
    Also you need plenty of carbs(unrefined) to loose fat. So dont skip out on fruit.
    Email me anytime. I can help ya out a little more if you need me to;_ylt=AmL0HdBq3Z8v40WoB4YKApG0AOJ3
    [email protected]

  6. Eric H said :

    I dropped like 60 lbs running and lifting weights I went from 270 lbs to 210 lbs by running 3 miles a day after lifting weights for 30 to 40 minutes. This helped me trim and tone up at the same time. If you are trying to maintain size and just lose fat this should work. I did 6mph for 30 minutes which my doctor and some other people I talked to suggested. Due to the fact that you really dont lose weight until after 20 minutes on low speeds. If you just want to lose the wieght quickly with lower minutes try running sprints for 20 minutes or try doing your race pace for 15 minutes maybe 8 mph. Check with your doctor before making any drastic changes. Also listen to your body which I’m assuming you already do because you seem to know what your talking about regarding weight training.

    Also if you are running try and eat some carbs before you start, a granola bar or something else healthy. This will keep you from losing any muscle mass.

    One last point recent studies stated that alone both reducing calory intake and exercise are equal in reducing fat. Doing both together are what really have the most drastic impact so good luck.

    I lost the 60lbs in 3 months but I did this work out 7 days a week.

  7. Body by Dave said :

    Try a cleansing diet! I did and lost 11 pounds and 21 inches in only 9 days. I was very happy with the results and continued on the program and lost 29 pounds in 5 weeks. This is the fastest I have ever lost with other diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Slimfast etc…. Cleansing works by removing toxins from your body. You get toxins from your food (pesticides, preservatives, food additives, colorings) water, chemicals, pollution, medications, alcohol, hormones that the animals you eat were fed etc….YUCK! The toxins get coated with fat and remain in your body. To remove the fat, you have to remove the toxins. This system worked for me, maybe it can work for you too. You can check out the website or call this toll free number 1-877-587-4647 for more info. The program is not cheap, but it is worth every penny since it works and keeps you motivated. Good luck! More cleansing info at

  8. livingstyle said :

    Crash diet may cut your fat in short period
    of time but, it may be harmful for your health.
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