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I need some advice about losing weight.?

Ok, well its Summer and I’m bored so i guess i’ll lose some weight for the benefit of my health.

I’m 15 years old and about 140 pounds, which is pretty overweight. Any SPECIFIC exercising techiniques/activities I can do to help, and what to eat?

Other questions: What is “one serving?” how much is that? and Is swimming very effective? And How much do you think I can lose before summer is over? Thanks !

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19 Responses to “I need some advice about losing weight.?”

  1. cdaco9310 said :

    no it isn’t. how tall are you?

    oh and you shouldve learned all this in health class.
    my god. ignorant children…

  2. inuyasha_1969 said :

    stay a way from fast foor and swim a lot.

  3. my nickname said :

    work out, dont eat so much junk. swimming is awesome

  4. briankeithbel said :

    First of all how tall are you? 140 may not be as bad as you think. One serving depends on the food. It should tell you on the package exactly what one serving is.

    Swimming is excellent exercise. Walking is also excellent. Focus your efforts on being healthy and not losing weight. It make the goal easier to except !

    Good Luck

  5. halfling64 said :

    Don’t try to lose weight.
    Everyone’s natural weight is different. My friend is 165 and she’s not “overweight” at all.
    Just stay fit.
    I’m only 115 lbs. And I’m way underweight, but I’m fit. So it’s ok.
    Don’t worry so much about your weight and worry more on whether you’re in shape or not.

  6. margarita said :

    This diet really works! and you can replace things u do not like for the same amount of calories! i lost 8 pounds still replacing the foods…. i know its a hard diet but if u really want to lose the pounds before summer ends… this will work! if this does not help i hope u find a way! good luck!

  7. David S said :

    Stop eating sugar.

    Eat whole fruit, instead of juice.

    Get a bicycle. If you can afford it, go to a good bike shop and skip that cheap junk they sell a Wal-mart.

  8. fr said :

    Read tips & Articles on different types of Diets, Exercise Programs, Yoga,Pilate’s & much more….

    All about Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, Tea Diets, easy Home Exercises to name a few

  9. bosco_industries said :

    Do not do anything drastic, 140 is not fat… or even big. However, if you want to get healthy, Swimming is awesome. Try jogging or walking, you need to get your heart rate elevated for at least 20 minutes to burn weight off. Go easy on carbs, and go to diet colas rather then regular. Do not eat anything past 7pm.

  10. Sunshine said :

    exercising is extrememly effective. since it’s summer, you can do pretty much any kind of exercise. like running, swimming, going to the gym, biking, etc.
    swimming is great exercise, and it’s fun.

    as for food, since you are young you might want to be careful about reducing your calories. you are probably still growing. i’d recommend 1500 calories.
    good foods to eat are filling foods, like fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. allow yourself one small “fun food” a day like some icecream or a cookie. don’t obsess. 140 doesn’t seem to heavy anyways! depends on your height though. good luck.

  11. Paun said :

    k im with ya. i saw this thing that said the best axcercise is stuff that makes you sweat a lot so id try running or lunges or sumthing. also my doctor said the size of 1 meal is a serving of carbs the size of ur fist, a serving of fruits/veggies the size of ur fist, and a serving of meat th size of a deck of cards. if u exercise like 1-2 hours a day and keep healthy eting habits i think u could lose 10-20 pounds. hope i could help.

  12. Eleni K said :

    well, now, that it’s summer you should try and drink as much water as possible! 2lt the least! alot of fruits and veetables, and less red meat. and if you could exercise three times a weekfor half an hour each time , this would help your body burn fat. swimming is the ideal workout this season! and really effective, water pressure does miracles to your muscles. i cannot say how much you could lose. i’ve tried it and lost 4 kilos in a month. which was what i needed. i think one kilo is 2.2 ponds, or the other way round.. i’m not sure… we don’t use pounds here… but getting healthier is the most imprtant thing! good luck!

  13. Charlize said :

    Here’s a saying that is 100% truthful: If you want to be healthy and lose extra weight,
    “Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, sup like a pauper”
    Also, try eating most of your carbohydrates during the morning. During the evening, eat mostly protein. Try to avoid animal fat as much as possible; if you eat fat, the best source is vegetables and fish.
    Many “diet experts” say if you drink a large glass of water 10-15 minutes before a large meal (dinner for example) you’ll be less hungry when you actually eat, so you’ll be more satisfied, while eating less.
    Also, if you exercise in the morning, just after you get up (not when you wake up), before you eat your first meal of the day, you’ll burn more calories than if you exercise later during the day. Some 30 minutes of waist and abdominal work or 10-15 minutes of aerobics or treadmill is enough every day, to keep you lean and healthy.

    I hope this helps you, it sure has helped me.

  14. carole said :

    Try this diet and forget portion sizes.

    Basically consume 1 PART PROTEIN, 2 PARTS CARBS by volume and some fat for each meal and snack. (Fried food would be too much fat).

    If you have a good protein to carb ratio then the carbs will be used to synthesize protien into what your body needs. If you eat too much carbs then you’ll be fat unless you exercise a lot lot lot.

    If you want carbs, or fruit, or juice or soda remember to eat some sort of meat or cheese with it. All snacks and meals should include about 1 part protein : 2 parts carbs.

    When I eat like this fat melts off but I have infinite energy and great concentration.

    If you have had too much fat or carbs eat a lot of protein, like sandwich meat. IT works!!!

    Good luck.

  15. tiffany l said :

    well u sould go play out side 4 a littel

  16. iceman said :

    ok 140 is not pretty over weight unless ur short and weak but anyways if u just wana lose weight then run bike swim and eat low calorie like 2200 calories a day mostly protien low carb and not to much fat

  17. Jeffy N said :

    Don’t worry about technique right now. Just move. Start riding a bike,walking,running short distances,swimming,etc. Get used to being active then look to a advanced program. If you start too high and fail you will be more bored. Start smaller work your way up. Find someone just like you if necessary as a partner and it will be easier. Tell your parents what you are doing and ask them for help if necessary,especially with what you eat. Decide today what you want to be. Then be realistic and honest with yourself. That’s the hardest part.

  18. Aniz A said :

    you can do…
    supermans (lay on the floor on your belly. then, by flexing your abs, raise your legs, chest, and arms off of the ground so that they are hovering about 3 inches over the floor. hold this for as long as you can)
    six inches (lay on the floor face up with your arms by your side and your hands underneath your butt. while having your back flat against the ground, raise your legs STRAIGHT up into the air (this is called the resting position) then lower your legs so that your feet hover six inches above the gorund and hold that position. you should feel it in your abs, and when you can’t take it anymore, then put your legs straight back up into the air in that resting position. Repeat for as many times as you can take it)

    you can also do push ups (with hands relatively close together, about 4 inches apart, this will work on your pecks)
    and sits ups

    but yes, swimming is VERY goodd for you

  19. hans2 said :

    why not go into your local lesure centre with your mates and book the ahll for an hour say 2ce a week and try out different sport such as squash, tennis, badminton etc: all that running about will loose weight and will keep both you and your mates entertained.

    just drink fluids and when bored, dont snack unless its a piece of fruit r something.

    cut down on your portion sizes. when take a bite of food, put down your knife and fork and wait 10seconds before picking it up again.


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