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I need some detail on how to lose weight, quickly!?

I keep looking on the internet for ways to lose weight, but none work.
I brought a gym ball, go to the gym (Curves), I cycle and I walk to and from school.

None seem to work.
I really want to look amazing for Prom and everything really.

Anybody got eny exercise tips, like fitness shakes and whatever really. That would be great.

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4 Responses to “I need some detail on how to lose weight, quickly!?”

  1. carrie c said :

    what are you eating? Write down everything you eat in a day for a week. That will show you how much and what you’re eating. 1800 calories in a day is good for weight loss, don’t go below 1200 or your body will suffer. There are 3500 calories in a pound. You have to burn that many to loose a pound or eat that many over what you need to gain a pound. Here’s a hint…Curves only burns about 250 a session.

  2. Jenny G said :

    As a fitness expert at a gym I know what works and doesn’t. I have taken the time to put together a list of websites that work and will help you lose weight quick and effective. If you are serious about losing weight, have a look at the list of sites.’

    Goodluck on your journey!

  3. mcstir said :

    Strip That Fat is a new weight loss program which is creating quite a buzz these days. The reasons for this are two fold:
    1. The creators of this diet launched a fearsome attack on other diets and claimed that most of them provide just a short burst of weight loss but fail to follow up on that for any length of time. This is why, they claim, so many people fail with their diets.
    2. The diet generator – This technologically advanced tool spells the wave of the future for weight loss plans: more personal pinpointed treatment of the user and not some vague encompassing guidelines which everyone need to adhere to.
    As this is a digital program which you download to your computer and it comes with a money back guarantee, you can claim a full refund for it the moment you’re less than satisfied. No one in their right minds would create such a product if they believed their customers will not be happy with their results.
    One of the things which make this program work is the diet generating software. This is a software which allows you to create around 40,000 different menus combination which allows you 2 things:
    1. Include a lot of food items that you like.
    2. Never get bored with your menu since you can change it over and over again as much as you like.
    Naturally, as with any diet, you can’t expect a 100% success ratio. However, the diet appears to be sound, and as it’s a risk free purchase, it’s worth a try if you’re looking to lose some weight fast.

  4. mansionghost said :

    have you tried the Lil Jack workout>


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