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i need to lose some weight, im maid of honor in 6 months?

i need to lose weight so badly, im 130 and 5’4. im so chunky, please help, i especially need to lose fat on my thighs, and abdominal fat. please help?

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5 Responses to “i need to lose some weight, im maid of honor in 6 months?”

  1. Joe said :

    Well If you can lose a pound a week, that will be around 24 pounds you can potentially lose.

    I would start off with doing alot of cardio workouts, then work on some muscle builders.

    I suggest you go on a low carb diet. No sugar, and no carbs, only protein and some other things.

  2. Lowland said :

    Actually you’re not really fat, your completely normal, but anyway.
    To loose fat you need to use more energy than you eat. Fat (oils etc) has more calories than other stuff so eating less of that is a immediate boost. Low carb diets only work if you have trouble metabolising carbs to start with, it’s also quite hard as the rice/pasta/potato things are usually the way we make ourselves feel full and are such a big part of the average persons diet it’s quite difficult to avoid them completely. Try to cut down a bit and maybe aim to not have them after 6pm or similar. Good to have some for breakfast as oats, healthy cereal and such are very satisfying for longer so less likely to have that mid morning choc muffin.
    Some gentle to medium level exercise for at least 30 mins 3-4 times a week. You don’t usually start to burn body fat until your heart rate has been elevated for 20 mins so really if you have time to do 40mins you’ll be basically doubling you fate burning compared to 30mins. Doesn’t have to be hard core just a brisk walk is enough, or swim, or ride.

  3. Jim P said :

    First of all, forget about crash diets. A crash diet will cause you to lose primarily water weight, not body fat. Water weight is easy to gain back, which is why most people who go on a crash diet end up gaining back any weight they lose.

    The most effective and safe way to lose weight (body fat) is by following a good nutrition and exercise program. A good nutrition program needs to be personalized based on factors such as body type and metabolism. A good exercise program needs to include both aerobic exercise and strength training.

    You might be interested in a review I wrote about an ebook that shows how to develop a personalized nutrition program, and how to use aerobic exercise and strength training in conjunction with the nutrition program. Here’s the link to the review:

  4. Athena said :

    Anyone looking for a weight loss pill should really consider the Acai Berry. Many people claim to have lost 40-50 pounds in a couple months while using Acai. 60 Minutes and Oprah have even featured it on their shows. Dr. Oz said it is a Super Food and is full of vitamins and anti-oxidents.

  5. John said :

    You need to go to therapy to find out what the underlying cause may be. it has to be more than a craving…maybe a hormone imbalance or something medically or mentally out of whack. you need to start exercising and eat fresh fruits/vegies, berries and fiber when you want to eat the junk food. occupy your time with reading, walking, hanging out with friends, etc. attend church. having God on your side always helps. For exercise try this (it worked for me )


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