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how can i lose some weight in two months?

okay well were going on a vacation in the beggining of august and i want to loose some weight before then.

i dont go to a gym because i dont have the money.
but i have a pool, a total gym 1000, and an ab lounger if that helpss.

what are some excercises that would help me lose some weight.

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2 Responses to “how can i lose some weight in two months?”

  1. Carleen B said :

    You can never achieve anything without proper diet and exercise. The easiest way to achieve a healthy weight is by eating accordingly.
    Try do physical activity every day, gradually move up in time. You need to make sure you are getting your veggies! 7-8 servings a day. Cut your carb intake to even 1-2 servings a day. ie 3 pieces of Melba toast / per day. Try to stay away from anything salty, fatty and sugary.
    3oz of meat per day is fine.
    You need to try and limit your food intake.
    Without exercise and strick maintenance you won’t see the results you want.

  2. Katie said :

    Swimming, jogging, sit-ups, squats, lunges, push-ups and anything else you can think of are all good. Google a calorie counter to help you decide how many calories to aim for. Or, if you feel bold you might decide to try to eat only raw foods for the two months. That is a great quick weight-loss tool, and can really rev-up your health. You should google the raw-food movement and read up on that too if you are interested.


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