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How do I lose weight fast in 2 months?

I want to lose weight in 2 months for a wedding i wanna lose 60 or even 80 pounds im 5’3 what do i do? HELP!!!

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7 Responses to “How do I lose weight fast in 2 months?”

  1. Burning Rocks said :

    Gain some musle, go on a diet, and do cardio.

  2. Square Brain said :

    First off, you have to be realistic. A goal of a 60-80 pound weight loss is going to take longer than two months. But you can still make good progress toward your goal over the next couple months if you have enough will power.

    I would suggest you first check with a physician before you start a program of exercise and dieting. If you have not exercised in a long time, you will have to start out slow. Otherwise, pushing yourself too hard too soon will increase the likelihood of injury, wiping out precious time that you could be using to work toward your goal.

    You should have an exercise program that alternates between weight lifting and cardiovascular workouts every other day. My suggestion would be to lift weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Do the cardio workout on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There are many different ways to do this, but one of the best is swimming, because it exercises all of your muscles. If this is not possible, consider riding a bike, which is less wear and tear on your body than running.

    Before you start each day’s exercise, whether weights or cardio workout, be sure to spend several minutes stretching. Also, at the end of the workout, take a few minutes to stretch.

    It would be a good idea to meet with a nutritionist before you get started, to plan a diet that will be healthy and help you work toward your goal of weight loss. Drink a lot of water, cut out sweets, bread, chips, junk food, soda and keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Be sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and snack on peanuts if you get hungry between meals. And remember, practice moderation in everything.

    After two months, don’t be disappointed if you are still far short of your overall goal of losing 60-80 pounds. Instead, you should feel good about the progress you have made, and stay on the program as a lifestyle adjustment toward a healthier future. Keep a positive attitude, and good luck.

  3. teva2tan said :

    I have been in the situation you are in and i’ve thought oh i’ll do slim fast, and the soup diet. Please don’t do these things. I recently joined weight watchers and lost 5 1/2 in the first week, i still have chocolate, cappachinos and subway, even a cheeseburger if i wanted and i have still lost weight. Seriously, look up a class and join, you’ll lose the weight for good and you can still eat all the things you love and lose weight. I wouldn’t do it any other way! In eight weeks I will have lost 22 pounds thats enough to make a huge difference to me! I haven’t been that weight in 10 years!

    weigh ins really work, you’ll find there are people bigger than you who would love to be your weight and believe me you will stick to it if you know you have to stand on those scales, and guess what after the wedding you will still be losing weight, the proper way. I lost 5 pounds without changing much. I bet you could lose more.

    slim fast, you will cave in!
    soup, after 7 days of having it for breakfast lunch and dinner you will feel extremely nausous.

    Do your body a favour and do something for the long term, it really works! and it can be as fast as you want it to be.

    good luck!

  4. fevb said :

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  5. insinc said :

    plastic surgery/ starve yourself/ go on Suvivor/ exercise non stop/ higher a personal trainer/ get your family and friends to help you exercise and keep you from eating garbage

  6. Philip T said :

    Download the free E-book this site offers, it helped me lose weight real quickly (and lastingly!)

  7. OZZIEGAL said :

    according to your other question you are 5’3″ in height and a size six so how could you possibly need to lose sixty or eighty pounds?


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