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What are some quick/easy to make meals for someone wanting to lose weight fast?

I have cut fast food down to once a week tops and am looking for meals that are very fast and simple to make that I can eat healthy portions and not worry about fat and calories. Thank you.

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5 Responses to “What are some quick/easy to make meals for someone wanting to lose weight fast?”

  1. Justsyd said :

    Baked chicken breast, salmon or any type of fish, steamed vegetables and salad.

    Chicken Stir-Fry and salad.

  2. Card Shark said :

    Grass. Just mow your lawn and eat grass dammit.

  3. sevenandahalf7 said :

    i would advise eating more fruits, this is a good way to lose weight on many levels, one it keeps you snacking through out the day which makes your body burn more, two it is healthy and very low calories and last you dont have to make anything, if you do eat fast food try not to super size anything and get something like the chicken not a burger much healthier

  4. bradlitazole said :

    Get some Mayonase, Tuna fish, Pickles, onions, and Toast.
    Mix the Mayo, but I perfer Miricale wip, tuna fish with chopped onions and pickles, then place bettween two peices of toast.

    and enjoy

  5. gabrielle said :

    First of all, the fast food has got to go! Once a week is four times a month, is 48 times a year. No fast food is good, even the salads (chemically grown produce, on top of the tons of chemicals added to it to keep it looking “fresh”).

    That being said, try buying your own salad ingredients (ideally organic) and make yourself a big salad. It doesn’t have to be boring…the more color the better. All kinds of vegetables and even fruits, nuts, raisins, cranberries, etc. Anything you like. A bowl of salad is quick and easy and provides plenty of nutrients.

    Fruit and vegetables themselves are also good, quick choices that can actually fill you up more than you would think.

    Try to stay away from those processed “meal” bars or energy bars, unless they are 100% natural (don’t believe the package, go to a whole foods store). This goes for those protein shakes as well.


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