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how can i lose weight Fast like in two month oer three months?

i am 15 years old i have been have some trouble lately and i haven’t been able to work out to keep the pounds offs now i am complete over weight. i am 200 pounds and i usually just 185 and it goes up and down from that now i am 200 pounds i need to lose it and quick. but the thing that good and not good is that i don’t even look like i am 200 pounds.

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4 Responses to “how can i lose weight Fast like in two month oer three months?”

  1. Quicksand said :

    This can be done by running and jumping rope this will take the extra pounds fast and with the accuracy start for one hour daily after two month you will be lost about 30 pounds .best of luck

  2. sat0520 said :

    exercising will be useless unless you eat healthy too. dont forget that

  3. Rickus said :

    find out what an ergometer is, and use it

  4. Corey M said :

    The best and quickest way to lose sufficient weight IMHO is a complete lifestyle change. But not everyone has to fully do that.

    If you ate only green veggies and white meat (fish chicken) and drank water, plus do the following excersizes 3 times a week, you could lose 30 pounds easy in 3 months.


    These simply put your metabolism on overdrive for 48 hours, so you do them every other day. I’ve found them 3 times more effective than just jogging for a half hour daily.

    To do these, get a bike, or bike machine, and pedal normal (relaxed) for 5 minutes straight. Once the 5 minute mark hits, crank the resistance ALL the way up, and pedal as fast as you can for 20 seconds. At 5:20 put the resistance all the way down, and pedal normally for 40 seconds. At 6:00 Crank the resistance all teh way up for 20 seconds etc until you finish at 10:00, then you’re down.

    10 minutes a day every other day.

    I am losing 3 pounds net (And I am also weight training and gaining muscle) a week doing intervals and eating only meat.


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