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Exactly how do you throw up your food? I need to lose some weight, and my friend told me to just throw up my f

Exactly how do you throw up your food? I need to lose some weight, and my friend told me to just throw up my food after I eat for a while, and that I should lose weight. Except, I have tried this, and it doesn’t really work. She tells me to “tickle” my throat with the end of a toothbrush, and that it should then work.

Is there a “secret” or a “method” to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Well, does ANYONE know any “methods”?

I cut down to 700 calories a day before, but once I ate junk food, I couldn’t stop. So, that diet didn’t really work.

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26 Responses to “Exactly how do you throw up your food? I need to lose some weight, and my friend told me to just throw up my f”

  1. amby m said :

    no dont do that it is unhealthy go on a diettt….

  2. Rachel K said :

    don’t do this!! it’s bulimia and your friend needs help. eventually you will die from this.

  3. Haley H said :

    NO do not go bilemic!! Thatz a terrible way. throwing up is so bad for you especially if u wanna nurish ur body with the food it needs. just get exersize and watch what u eat. WHATEVER U DO, DO NOT GO BILEMIC(throwing up ur food) OR DONT STARVE

  4. danalana7 said :

    you will rot your teeth out and have super bad health problems if you do this! if you need to lose weight talk with you doctor about some healthy ways to do it!

  5. RYANK said :

    hahaha dont do that..thats wrong

  6. sari said :

    Trust me, you don’t want to start that….
    I did, and it’s horrible, it’s a bitch, it’s painful…..I cant talk right anymore, it makes your throat feel wrong and it becomes addictive. If I were you, I would get help for you and your friend.
    Don’t start on that path. If you have questions or need help my email is [email protected]


  7. mickey/minnie said :

    you have to change the way you think about food. 1. don’t eat it unless it’s wonderful. 2. better to go to waste then my waist. 3. think healthy foods 4. stop drinking cokes and chips. 5. treat yourself once a wk.

    or chew your food and spit it out, that way you get the flavor and make your jaws tried with out eating it. if you must have it.

  8. gabbie said :

    eeewwww….a bulemic in the making?

  9. NightDragon said :

    Well first, you need to stop posting questions just to get attention. Obviously, and you know this, throwing up to lose weight is bad. I know you know this. So therefore, posting it on the internet is just another way for you to get people to notice you and tell you “NOOOO ZOMG DONT THRO UP PLZ”.

    The “secret” is to get a life. The “method” is to stop posting this tripe online when you know what the reaction is going to be. If you actually are considering losing weight, go to this link, as a start…

  10. dizneyfreak1 said :

    DON’T DO THAT!!!! It will ruin your health and your teeth.

    Loose weight with a healthy diet and exercise. NEVER throw up your food.

  11. lostgirl said :

    that is bulimia and is really dangerous you should have your friend talk to someone to get her to stop it and don’t think about doing that it will seriously harm you! the best way to loose weight is to eat right and eat the right portion size you can also go see a nutritionist that will give you a diet plan to follow!

  12. Missy F said :

    There are better ways to become healthy than by making yourself throw up. Exercise, eat healthy…cut out sugars, simple carbs. Please see your doctor before going on any diet.

    By making yourself throw up, you can cause more harm than you know…. Your teeth will suffer from all the acid eating away at the enamel. You will develop stomach problems which could eventually lead to heart problems. Please research bulimia and pay close attention to how harmful and serious it is. I would also recommend speaking to your guidance counselor.

    Praying for you,
    Missy F., RN

  13. NerosBane said :

    What you are describing is bulimia, an eating disorder. Bulimia can lead to death. But before you die from throwing up your food you will sear a hole in your esophagus, your throat, and you will end up breathing and eating out of a tube.

    Bulimia is not something to try in order to lose weight. You strip your body of nutrients and essential calories, plus it will get you in major trouble at school and with your parents if they ever found out.

    Try just eating half of what you would normally eat, and eat less fatty foods. Stop eating fast food or cafeteria food and you’ll see the weight fall off. Go out for a run after school.

    It’ll help.


  14. chris c said :

    i am on a diet and to lose weight the proper way you should not make yourself throw up after a meal. in the long run it will make you really sick because thats how the anarexic people start out and then they cant stop. to lose weight properly you should run, jog,bike or swim or whatever you want to do and you should cut your portions in half and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

  15. Cassandra G said :

    if you do that, your throat will be burnt up by the stomach acid and your teeth will rot from the acid burning away the enamel. If you really want to lose some weight, take a walk around the block. If your bulemic friend advises you on losing weight, then you obviously DON’T need to lose weight because bulemics cannot tell what optimal weight is anyway.

  16. notalwaysaround said :

    Sweetie…… GROW UP!!!!!!! Try some exercises and watching what you eat 🙂 …This is know friend telling you to do something as stupid as vomiting.

  17. Monica said :

    Sure, if you want to be skinny and DEAD! It will do massive damage to your body. Remember that lady in Florida that was on life support and her husband wanted to pull the plug but her parents didn’t? That was caused by bulimia. SO if you want to have rotten teeth, bad breath, be a vegetable, or kill yourself go ahead and make yourself throw up.

    If you want to get into better shape and be healthy, don’t eat candy, chips, or fried food. Walk, ride a bike, or jog daily, and do crunches and push ups. You’ll be trim and fit (and still alive!) in no time.

  18. smileman said :

    Best way to throw up food is to put your shoes on and run 10 miles. Get off you lazy A** and take care of yourself. Throwing up to cut out calories is simply a MENTAL DISEASE

  19. blondecoley said :

    you know when a doctor swabs your throat in the back… its with a q tip… and its all the way in the back and down. duh.

  20. Jenny2010 said :

    don’t do that its called bullemia. if you do your psychotic. seriously lose weight the healthy way.

  21. cb0257 said :

    Don’t start the vomiting, you’d better start to watch what you eat.
    I did the vomiting for a while, results: bad breath, stomach aches, always hungry, as a consequence I was eating more.
    All the weight lost was gained back and quicker. Really bad for self image either, did I told you that you stink after vomiting?

    If you eat too much go exercise, run, go for a walk, even go shopping, you will burn the calories…

    What I did is I started to drink water a lot, like 2 quarts a day and switched the snacks for fresh carrots. Had a decent lunch (small turkey sandwich, even BLT!!!) and in the evening a soup, some fruits and herbal tea.
    I cut bread, potatoes, a lot of yellow stuff and everything that have to be eaten with the fingers. The pounds melted (went from 190 to 146) and never came back.
    I eat French fries once a week and have cheesecake. I enjoy then more because I don’t binge anymore.
    Hope this helps.

  22. Hannah R said :

    first of all: SICK. that’s the LAZY way to lose weight. Binging doesn’t do anything for your calorie intake- you still take in every calorie that way. Try eating healthy food and exercising. This question shouldn’t even be in the diet and fitness category- bulemia is a psychological problem and should be in there.

  23. Jenny said :

    Dude, I’m trying to do that, too. I have the same problem with junk food, cause when I start, I just can’t stop! I’m 5’6″, weight 108 pounds, so I’m healthy. I’m not gonna die.

    Now, I’ve honestly never been able to do the “tickling” your throat method. I’ve tried it, but I just couldn’t! I’d get a gag reflex, but nothin’ else.

    Supposedly, I am the non-purging bulimic. I fast and exercise a lot after my “binges”, but I don’t barf or use laxatives (ain’t wasting my money on that junk. Plus, barf is gross).

    Some would call me anorexic, others would call me bulimic. Heck, some might even call me anorexic AND bulimic.

    But, my advice is this:

    I am a macrobiotic vegan. That means that I don’t eat any meat, milk, or eggs, but eat mostly grains, veggies, and some fruit. I’ve been this way pretty much my whole life, and it works really well for me.

    Email me at [email protected] for more info/help/advice.

  24. breath cure said :

    Fresh breath or bad breath? hope this helps you. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs as it helped him get rid of bad breath and his post nasal drip. I’ve been following Oraltech Labs advice for about 4 months now and I feel much better, also at work people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well, so good luck.

  25. bulemic is bad said :

    Hey hey hey hey. Since when was throwing up a good idea?yea ya might loose some weight but overall it’s ridiculously unhealthy. Your teeth will rot and your tummy will lack the nutrients it needs. Remember that God created everything in his image and you aren’t fat, period. If you want to loose some weight, work out at the gym or maybe talk to a nutritionist. Throwing up, starving yourself, and pointless diets are stupid. So live a happy life and be proud of yourself, no matter what. 🙂

  26. A. said :

    Just stick your fingers continuously down your throat until you keep gagging and eventually if you do this non stop, you’ll throw up. I support your decision, I understand what it’s like to be a fatty. Ha. So yeah, just don’t go too overboard though, okay? Good luck!


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