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My doctor told me I am on the verge of becoming diabetic and I really need to lose some weight?

I am sitting at 215 and I am 5’8″ tall. She said my ideal weight maximum is around 175. I need to get some weight off and be able to keep it off. Any help will be most appreciated. A couple weeks ago, I tried the lemonade “master cleanse” diet. But honestly, I cannot take care of 4 kids while doing that. Too much bathroom time! Please! If anyone has any advice, thank you!

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5 Responses to “My doctor told me I am on the verge of becoming diabetic and I really need to lose some weight?”

  1. Christine M said :

    Forget about the diets you read about……you need to focus on changing your everyday eating habits. Eat breakfast every day. Make sure every meal you eat, yuour plate is at least half full of veggies. Eat a lot of protein as well. Limit your carbs and make sure that any carbs you do eat are not white, such as white bread, pasta, rice…its all bad. Drink half your body weight in oz. of water. So at least 100 oz of water. Your body needs it. No soda, no fast food at all. Do not fry your food. Start walking. Whenever you get time, walk. If your short on time away from the kids, invest in some DVDs. Waliking off the pounds is a great one and any pilates is also really good. Do the walking DVD everyday. ♥ The weight will not come right off, but eventually it will and losing weight slowly helps ensure that you keep it off which is most important♥

  2. Marsha Mellow said :

    the best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily, the same way you gained the weight. fad diets and cleansers are not healthy. the key to weight loss is so simple yet no one wants to do it!

    make healthy eating choices
    drink more water
    get active

    you didn’t put it on in a few weeks and you shouldn’t expect it to come off in a few weeks. slow and steady. it’s about changing your lifestyle not drinking lemonade master cleanse…

  3. Oil & Water said :

    Like you I am pre-diabetic and need to lose weight although I have about 60lbs to lose.

    If you are concerned about diabetes then look into the Low GI diet it is very popular and most GP’s support it.

    Once you learn the basic rules it is fairly simple to follow and you don’t feel hungry much and I speak as a former binge eater.

    You do also need to find time to do some exercise. Rebounding is good and can be done at home.

  4. Rachael B said :

    The formula for losing weight is not difficult – eat less food and workout more often – the problems appear when we in reality try to put that into practice! There are plenty of opportunities to fail out there don’t you think?! The sole diet that really delivered for me was wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box underneath, they have a handful of free trials left, it has been highlighted in Fox News and CNN. I worked off twenty five pounds, it really does work!

  5. audlester said :

    Read this excellent article by Bethany Roberts called Top Ten Tips for Weight Loss


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