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My friend said the best way to lose weight fast is to throw up my food… Should I?

I asked my friend what would be a good way to lose weight fast because I wanna have a nice looking body and so she told me just to start throwing up my food. But I don’t know if I should because I don’t think I could get used to it. do you think I should try it?

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12 Responses to “My friend said the best way to lose weight fast is to throw up my food… Should I?”

  1. Agent Shnully said :

    You should throw up and eat it!!!!!! best way!


  2. David said :

    this is bulimia. a very stupid, unhealthy idea. if you doubt me, just ask a nurse.

  3. Priyanka said :

    DO NOT do it . it is not healthy at all .
    and if you keep doing it alot and for a long time (a year or two) it can also cause death .

  4. Caleb said :
  5. ERIC said :

    No you shouldn’t, it will affect your body and harm it, best way to loose weight is too eat and have it digest. I believe anyone that those that is stupid and insecure of themselves so much that they are willing to do that kind of stuff that is unhealthy.

  6. [<3]Air Force Wife said :


  7. dnangel109 said :

    no wow what kind of frends do u have …thats not a good idea … just get into a diet and make some exercise and thats it

  8. Alex Y said :


    Bulimia is seriously unhealthy and is not the way to lose weight, the best way is just to eat healthy and to do cardio 4-5 times a week (e.g running,cycling,swimming etc)

    Bulimia will ruin your body and cause you to become very unhealthy and will also cause you to look unhealthy and that’s not what you want to be like.

    Stick to a diet and do regular exercise and you will lose all the weight you want.

  9. Cooley said :

    No way. Do you want to make that a habit and become anorexic? If your friend told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?

  10. BeezelBub said :

    your friend is a foul, misguided, putrid joke of a person.

    You, Will, DIE if you throw up your food.

    Your starving your body, so you loose your hair, get yellow teeth and nails, blood shot eyes and sunken in cheek.

    You’ll be able to count every rib just by taking off your shirt, and your thighs’ll be the size of a childs forearm.

    And you’ll NEVER BE ABLE to stop, Dont do it!

  11. Calvee said :

    Do not do it.
    It harms your body, it’s unhealthy, and it makes your throat VERY raw. Also, parts of your teeth will start falling off.

  12. Shaylee said :

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