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What is the best weight to lose a lot of weight fast?

I need to lose some weight fast…but i only have a couple of weeks to do it…so what is the best way u can lose a lot of weight very quickly?

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8 Responses to “What is the best weight to lose a lot of weight fast?”

  1. x_musicxlife_x said :

    excercise and diet is the ONLY way. =]

  2. Que Pasa? said :

    I agree, a good balance of a healthy diet and exercise is the only way to do it, speed dieting isn’t going to help anything. Have you ever tried any professional diets? Such as the NutriSystem,

  3. partygurl829 said :

    exercise and diet does help, butu may need help to know how to do it
    small reps with a lot of jogs daily, but don’t overwork urself
    diet:eat only healthy stuff, like fruits
    try to get a lot of pottassium (bananas) since ur exercising
    try to lose weight naturally (try to stay away from slim fast, etc., etc.

  4. Staveros said :

    go to the moon

  5. beeteonya said :

    Michael Thruman 6 week Body Makeover… This freakin’ diet works… My sister dropped so much weight so fast her period stopped… now that is the type of diet I like…
    if you can afford to eat fresh everything… Fish; Chicken; extra lean red meat… and fresh (not canned or processed) vegatables… then this is the diet that will work.

    Good Luck!

  6. da_jtac_0 said :

    In order to truly lose weight you have to find out your daily caloric intake. then reduce this by approximately 10%. try to eat this much throughout your whole day. it helps if you seperate it into 6 small meals or 3 medium meals and 3 snacks. by spreading your meals out you are getting your body ready for more calories which forces it to expel calories faster. it is very important to eat healthy things and a balance of different foods. excercise daily with runs or joggs. you can also go to a gym if you want to gain muscle. if you are trying to gain muscle you should eat 10% MORE calories then you need and eat lots of lean protein. No matter what try to stay away from simple carbs and sugars. eat complex carbs and proteins.

  7. Yo said :

    If you do cardio 30 minutes a day Mon thru Friday, you will be able to burn a lot of fat. Running, swimming, kickboxing, and the eliptical are just some examples of some great cardio workouts. Additionally, weight training on Mon, Wed, and Fri will help you achieve the “toning” effect of your muscles. You also have to have a good nutrition plan and make smart snacking decision. So lots of fruits, vegetables, wheat, and grains will help to achieve that goal. The combination of both healthy exercise and nutrition will help you to shed about 2-3 healthy pounds a week. But it takes dedication and persistence for you to make sure you are doing it correctly. Hope that helps and stay healthy!

  8. meganxrenee07 said :

    The Fat Smash Diet 😀


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