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I need to lose some weight for a wedding?

My best friend is getting married in August and I’m a bridesmaid. I want to try to lose some weight before then. Right now I’m 5’7, 170 pounds (approximate). I was thinking of trying pilates along with diet. Does anybody have any other suggestions for weight loss? For me its worst in my stomach, butt, thighs, and arms.
? – Is there something specific to that product that will help me lose the weight? Because I have an entire tin of green tea in a cabinet in my kitchen.

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One Response to “I need to lose some weight for a wedding?”

  1. bossy said :

    If your stomach is a big problem you need to cut out salts,white bread/pastas they bloat you

    pilates will def. help tone you up lean, it helped my thighs lose the “jiggle” a few years ago when I did it for almost 2months 5days a week
    but I was also on a diet at the time

    also drink the green tea(un sweetened!)
    if helps burn some fat but not enough on its own, but it also curbs cravings…

    I would try doing 20minutes of cardio a day
    or 30 mins 5 days a week
    whatever works best
    it can be a walk or even jump roping!


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