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I need to lose some weight and I hear you lose weight when you have the flu. How can i get the flu?

Im just too lazy to work out, cant be anorexic because i love food too much, bulemia is just wasting money on good food, plus i have a phobia of putting my fingers in my mouth.

Do i just find a sick person cough on me? Do I make out with the person? Use their toothbrush? How can i get sick?

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11 Responses to “I need to lose some weight and I hear you lose weight when you have the flu. How can i get the flu?”

  1. Huh? said :

    Have a shower then run around the bathroom naked for about 35 to 40min, that should do the trick

  2. Rahrah said :

    Just eat Jello and Ginger Ale for three days – same thing.

  3. Dreba said :

    this question is hilarious! The flu is only temporary.

  4. kikululu1 said :

    Why would you want to get sick (especially with the flu) just to lose weight? Just try to eat healthy food or start Nutrisystem or something.

  5. Mihir D said :

    LMAO LMAO the second i read this question i was laughing for soo long i’m still laughing.

    this beats that other question where it was asked ” is it alright for my 21 year old to watch casino royale”

  6. daniele™ said :

    go lick the handle of a shopping cart.

  7. Ted P said :

    you know when you go to the hospital or doctors office, and they have those neat little trash cans with the big red bio-hazard flag on them?? just stick your hand in there and fish around for a little while…..

    if your scared of needles or do not have health insurance, try just hanging around any daycare or pre-school— touch the toys, put some Lego’s in your mouth etc….

    oh, wait, I forgot… try flushing the urinal at the pub with only your mouth….(plus you may make a few friends)

  8. If you dont answer me youll die said :

    The epstein barr virus aka the kissing disease aka mono works well I caught that and lost 30lbs. I was very malnourished though! Just go to a bar and kiss as many people as you can. Guys and girls!

  9. browneyez08 said :

    LOL…my grams always says that when ever she gets a flu shot, she gets the flu…

    Mono is much better….it lasts longer and you loose more then when your sick with the flu.

  10. FLEX said :

    Hang out in the Emergency Room, there’s always plenty of sick people in that place.

  11. NotASlutBucket said :

    Well it all depends on how sick you want to get….
    Try going for a nice dip in the lake naked on a 17 degree morning. Or you can sit your bare bottom on a public toilet seat. Or if you want to get really sick you can make sweet love to the local hore…..

    Good Luck!


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