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How many hours of swimming would i need to do a week to lose some weight say……. 10pounds?

I just want to lose 10pounds and thereafter maintain my weight… I hear swimming is a great way… Help

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4 Responses to “How many hours of swimming would i need to do a week to lose some weight say……. 10pounds?”

  1. SkyWalker said :

    Probably like 2-3 hours, running is better and it takes less time.

  2. [email protected] said :

    Hi,swimming is great,but you have to make sure you eat healthy food too as exercise along wont do it .

  3. Bobbi Miller said :

    Intense swimming burns about 700 calories an hour. Keep in mind that most people aren’t fit enough to swim that hard for that long.

    Losing weight comes mostly from diet. Write down what you eat and look for high calorie/high carb/high sugar/high fat foods that you could cut out.

    I’ve had many clients drop 10lbs simply by dropping soda pop.

    You can do the same by cutting any of these foods if they are regular in your diet.

    Potato chips.
    Flavored coffee drinks (a la starbucks)
    Packaged foods i.e. “hot pockets”, microwave dinners
    Anything fried
    Cereal (even most health cereal has loads of sugar)
    Alcoholic beverages of any kind
    Mayo, salad dressing and other “fillers” (exception: low fat low carb italian dressing)

  4. Mister M said :

    I don;t know what is 10 pounds in kilograms, but let me tell you my experience.

    Well… I loose 6 kilograms running 2 hours a day in almost two weeks, one hour in the morning and another one hour at night. I started running by 5 – 6 AM and went to the University’s Fitness Center at 6-7:00 PM. The total hours during 2 weeks with exception on Saturday and Sunday was 20 hours.

    Since my friend said that swimming loose more calories than running, I believe that in order to loose 6 kilograms by swimming you need 10 hours a week. In other words, half of the time you spend running.


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