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if i take a laxitive every week would i lose weight fast?

i really need help to lose weight, i want to do it the cheaters way, not by the nutrional law …can some one help me lose this weight fast?

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5 Responses to “if i take a laxitive every week would i lose weight fast?”

  1. jingles_delille said :

    well i guess that would work, i mean it makes sense….

  2. justin s said :

    yup that will do it lol my friends mom made him do that he wasnt fat eathir idk y lol but he got ehh skiny un-natruly fast

  3. khephran said :

    lol i looked at the title and was thinking anorexic! if you are average weight or a little belowdont do anything you are fine but if you overweight than i recommend eating food from all food groups in moderation and exercise also try herbal supplements those are supposed to be good for losing weight, try chickweed

  4. Donna W said :

    don’t eat for a week then after a week go to a buffet and eat all you want. Not sure if that work tho

  5. miss d said :

    no, you will not lose weight. in fact, it is rather dangerous to use them. you could even gain weight. it won’t get you thin and actually slow your metabolism and digestive track. if you start to abuse them you’ll start to smell. ew. there isn’t anything pretty about taking a nasty dump all the time. you’ll be looking for private bathrooms because of the smell and noise.
    Also, if you take them, you’re losing water weight, not fat. duh. and this is bad. at first it may seem like it’s working but overtime it’s very bad for you. you’re body could become dependent on them.
    i know you asked about once a week or so, but you could get addicted.


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