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If you stopped eating for 3 weeks would you lose a lot of weight fast?

If you maby ate dinner like 4 times a week but then throw up after wards would you lose weight fast. I don’t want to but my cousin said she tried it and the amount of weight she said she lost was unbelievable, so i just wanted to know if you could lose weight fast that way.

Ps: I am happy with the size of my body,etc
Well are there any other ways she could lose weight but fast

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24 Responses to “If you stopped eating for 3 weeks would you lose a lot of weight fast?”

  1. classic ♥ said :

    You probably could, unless you die before that.

  2. Jared Silver said :


  3. Eman said :

    You’ll do yourself some damage, that’s for sure..

  4. Matthew said :

    um actually u would lose more if you excersized and eat healthy

  5. Valkyrie_89 said :

    no u wouldnt, if you dont eat your body will thnk starvation is setting in and start to store all possible fat.

  6. dmon86 said :

    yeah you would most likely die.

  7. Garra K said :

    if you are not strong person you may die

  8. Sam said :

    yes you would. After 3 or 5 days if you had NOTHING but water or other liquids the hunger pangs would go away. dont go beyond 28 days though or you will starve (your body will resort to eating muscle and other important things and slowly kill you).

  9. Kasumi A said :

    Sure you would! Right after you went into a hypoglycemic coma and died. Diet and exercise are better and safer.

  10. Sandor S said :

    Between December 8 and December 20, 2008 I consumed only 250 calories of protein a day and nothing else (except some vitamins and sodium and potassium chloride), and I went from 185 to 165 pounds. On December 22, I was 175-180 again. I think much of that was simply the undigested intestinal contents not being there inside me and that the actual amount of fat I lost was only 5 or 7 pounds. Also, my body’s energy expenditures were much lower towards the end of the 12 days. I was always incredibly cold when I woke up in the mornings and for actual physical activities, I wouldn’t say I had no strength or willpower to do anything, but rather I’d say I had almost no stamina to keep it up for very long at a time. And plainly put, I felt crummy all the time. Not hungry. Not sick. Just something else. So I estimate I could probably have gone for about 40 days, maybe even more like 60, before I even was close to running out of fat, and I’m not even chubby. And even after 12 days, my “love handles” STILL looked EXACTLY the same.

    It won’t be as effective as you’re hoping. Your body has settled into a certain shape and composition and it won’t give it up easily.

    But don’t listen to the sea of people who tell you that you will die or be extremely unhealthy at the end. True, 12 days isn’t 3 weeks, and 250 calories isn’t 0 (I normally average probably about 3000 by the way), but they’re very wrong and vastly underestimate the human body’s ability to do nothing for a long amount of time – and most importantly they haven’t DONE it so they don’t know but I HAVE. We aren’t fast, we aren’t strong or powerful compared to other animals. This is where we make it up. Starvation endurance.

  11. weebs said :

    true you would, but the thing is as soon as she starts eating again the weight will pile back on just as fast as it went. thats why diets dont work! you have to introduce a reasonable amount of exercise to your routine, either that or starve yourself forever.

  12. NIkki said :

    No, you wouldn’t.

  13. onigabe said :

    Well I don’t know that for sure but if you are happy with the size of your body then why change it?

  14. D E C K said :

    yea you would but you would be SERIOUSLY un healthy.

    honestly i tried it about 2 weeks before school started. i lost heaps and looked good but i had no energy. i was tierd and went horrible.

    this is not a good idea! you can seriously harm yourself

  15. Edward C said :

    yea u will lose plenty of weight but its very unhealthy and the moment u start eating u will gain it right bak again since the weight was lost the wrong way

  16. Karoline said :

    Yes, but you would also shut down your metabolism, so that when you started eating again you would gain it all back and then some. You should never ever stop eating and throw up as a means of losing weight. There’s a reason why we eat people. TO SURVIVE. And throwing up is also really bad for your teeth. The acid just slowly destroy them. And the acid can also irritate you esophagus to the point where it starts bleeding and get punctured. And when you don’t eat and throw up you can also die of heart failure. Just FYO. Yeah. Doesn’t sound nice eh. Do not stop eating. Not for three weeks, not for one week or even a day. Bad idea.

  17. charisma021177 said :

    Making yourself throw up after eating will eventually do damage to your heart. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about weight, because your heart would give out and you would die.

    Do it the proper way. No, you will not get fast results…but the results you will get in the end won’t kill you either.

  18. loraxan said :

    no, when you dont eat for long durations, like eating once a day, your body interprets it as a lack of food and you actually get more hungry, and get more fat over what you eat, cos your body is trying to save up for its survival.

    thats why hard diets never actually work, they work for a little while until the body takes it as a serious situation and then it actually gets worse.

  19. Edna said :

    Yes, you would lose weight, but with some pretty serious health consequences! Your body would go into starvation mode, and when this happens, the body protects stored fat and instead uses lean tissue and muscle to provide it with the necessary calories. This leads to loss of muscle mass (not fat), which in turn lowers the metabolism, and slows down weight loss. Once you stop ‘dieting’ in this manner, you would find you will gain back most if not all the weight you’ve lost, and maybe even more.

    Ideally, one should diet in a way so that weight loss is limited to 1-2 lbs. per week, and caloric intake per day should be around 1200-1500. You should also be sure to drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day.

    Weight loss is something that needs to be done correctly if it is to be successful in the long run. Remember, slow and steady wins the race here.

  20. Information_Junkie said :

    its not healthy. it ruins your metabolism so its harder to keep the weight off afterward.

    throwing up regularly ruins your teeth & damages your esophagus.

    eating only once a day confuses your system.

    Better to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Exercise 3 times a week & walk on the other days at least 30 minutes day.

    Check with a physician to see if you should consider losing weight and how much. He’ll also tell you if you are healthy enough for strenuous exercise.

  21. Anthony said :


    I remember reading some where that 70% of whether you gain lots of weight or lose lots of weight is determined by your diet.

    You should always eat breakfast as that helps speed up your metabolism and if your metabolism is running faster so to speak then you will burn more energy and thus not have it convert into fat.

    If you have lots of smaller meals every 3 hours or so then that also helps speed up your metabolism.

    Of cause it goes without saying that exercise is always a good thing too but something a lot of people don’t realize is that muscle burns more energy then fat so if you increase your muscle mass then you will burn more energy even when you don’t do anything.

    Hope this helps,

    Your Sincerely,
    Anthony Irwin

  22. happiest days of my life*** said :

    its three weeks so you can lose 30 kg.. but your body will get dehydrated so take water or juice during da fasting.. Several days ago, a good friend of mine mentioned that he had been reading about fasting as a way to “reset your body’s odometer,” and to improve overall physical and mental disposition. After thinking about what he had said for a few days, I went onto the Internet and fired up the search engines looking for “fasting.” I bought the 30-day program on the spot!

    i lost 30 kg..

  23. Sandra S. said :

    Not a good idea. Of course, you will lose weight but this behavior will put the body into a starvation state and slow down the metabolism as a protective mechanism. Once you start eating again your body will hold more weight from having a slow metabolism. Weight loss should be done smart, using good health foods and incorporate moderate exercise. If you’re young losing weight should be easy, but not if you rush or expect to do it in a unhealthy way, by putting forth a proper effort won’t put your health at risk.

    The first thing you need to know if you want to lose fat is that you need to BURN fat. Burning fat is all about using up more calories than you take in. But must never stop eating as explained above. If you eat more calories than your body uses throughout the day, these additional calories will be stored as body fat. To prevent a build up of body fat you need to either reduce your calorie intake or increase your daily activity levels – doing both will have the best effect on reducing body fat. Eating fruits and raw vegetables.. foods that take more calories to burn than they have in them is a great way to take off pounds. Portion control is a very important key and stop night eating. Drink a lot of water and in three weeks you’ll notice the difference without risking your health or future weight gain by starving and/or throwing up.
    There are many weight loss fads out there today, but only a few are safe, healthy and will deliver results FAST. Throwing up is not healthy and common sense should tell one so. Challenge yourself with a program that will give you positive result..such as Beautiful skin, nails and hair and a tone slimmer body. If you do it your cousins way, your skin, hair and nails will eventually suffer and may possible get thinner, skin will get blotchy and nails will split and all due to not having the correct vitamins and the loving care your body deserves.

  24. Madona said :

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far that is terrific. I myself have llost 40 lbs myself. I walk almost everyday at least 45 minutes and I have drastically changed my eating habits. I have heard that drinking a green tea helps to lose weight. I found a free trial offer online that seems like it might work. I have looked at the ad and it seems to be fortified with extra ingredients. You can check it out at:


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