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if i stopped eating or at least cut it down majorly and worked out like crazy would i lose body fat?

i don’t care about losing weight i just want to lose some fat. i’m not a fatty or anything. just more like a person with a beer belly. so i just wanted to know this answer and why. oh and im probably 5’5” and 120 pounds with the age of 14.

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11 Responses to “if i stopped eating or at least cut it down majorly and worked out like crazy would i lose body fat?”

  1. Sarah said :

    no because when you starve your self your body holds on to the fat

  2. An azn person trying to help said :

    Eat foods with protein but also balance your diet out and also your not fat. But if you are hit the gym and do some crunches or curl ups or just run a lot.

  3. Suhail said :

    You should go on a balanced diet and start exercising regularly. If you cut down on your intake a LOT straight away, then you might lose some fat quick. However, the next time you start eating normally, your body will store up fat much faster than usual, since it will think you might go on a very strict diet again. So it is best to take it slow! Cheers =D

  4. BRAVE HEART said :

    yes u can but eventhough u will get fat degeneration in a very fast period which will be delievered to ur blood circulatory system and this will be deposited to ur small and micro blood vesseles then u will get atherosclerosis which may have it is own complications ..
    regards to ur health

  5. LiarLiarPantiesOnFire said :

    You sound VERY thin as it is. Losing fat means you’ll lose weight. There’s no way to just lose stomach fat and no fat elsewhere on your body. How frail and skinny do you want to look? Skeleton-like? Starving yourself is NOT the answer whatsoever. Why not try sit-ups and other forms of exercise to flatten your belly? That’s all you need. If you drink a lot of soda pop, cut that out too.

  6. Kalina L said :

    no, you’d lose muscle and become flabby.

  7. jessijo_07 said :

    I don’t think you should cut back on the amount of food you take in. That is unhealthy. But maybe you could try to take in more protein and less junk food like sodas and snacks. And exercise always helps to tone up your muscles. If your tummy is your only problem then try crunches and sit-ups. But don’t forget about your obliques and lower abdominals, for those try side crunches and reverse crunches. You might even try to incorporate some weights for more resistance (especially on the obliques).

  8. aayushi said :

    well actually u would! sorta! buh if u cut tooo much den u might suffer wid some disease nd at an extent die! im 14 too nd would suggest u to drink water nd exercise more!

  9. TZ said :

    Your body would go into famine mode and store fat and even worse cling onto anything you ate in the future, you would think you were losing weight at first bit it’d be water. If you’re not overweight then carry on eating as you are and excercise.

  10. curtisjamie18 said :

    actually no,

    the second you will start to eat, you will fill up like a balloon, because you are basically telling your body that you can go hungry at times, so it should store energy, the best remedy will be to work more , eat less fatty foods ( like meat/high fat dairy products/etc)

  11. Ray said :

    Well, If you supposed to think to lose your fat, all you need to do are

    1) Morning Exercise(must) or Morning walk.
    2) Avoid eating spicy snack, In your diet must include healthy foods only vegetables,fruits
    3) Every Morning Take a piece of lemon with water which help
    you to reduce fat.
    4) Every weekend you can spend your free time in swimming pool.
    5) It will take time . Feel free.

    If you follow all the steps,i can make sure you that you really reduce your fat within 1/2 months.

    I learned the hard way and am extremely happy with this one –


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