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How can i lose weight fast for a powerlifting meet? and nothing nasty like throwing up or anything like that?

My coach for powerlifting wants me to lose at least five pounds before our next meet How can i lose weight fast ? nothing gross plz like throwing up or anything like that

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5 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast for a powerlifting meet? and nothing nasty like throwing up or anything like that?”

  1. lv_consultant said :

    carb cycling is a pretty easy way to lose a couple of lbs.

    There are three types of days while on this diet:

    * High Carb
    * Low Carb
    * No Carb Days
    * Repeat cycle

    make sure to keep your protein intake high and eat plenty of healthy fats on the low and no carb days to make up for the calories from the reduction of carbs.

  2. Randomaster said :

    i’m a wreslter and the day before a weigh in i take a really hot bath, turn on jets if you can, stay in for about 30 min, then immediatly after you get out and dry on put on sweats, both sweatshirt and sweatpants and then go to bed and put on all the covers, its gonna be uncomfortable but in the morning it will be worth it, you’ll lost a good 3-5 pounds, thats only if your not eating or drinking a lot, its mostly water weight so your going to gain it back fast but its just to give u the edge on the scale, hope this helps good luck in your meet

  3. l_onious said :

    You ever heard of cutting? It’s when you sweat some of it out to the extreme. Go running but wrap yourself in plastic (not your face). Mainly in areas where you have some fat like your belly. If you almost too lean it might not work but still try. After you got plastic on you, get some sweaters or 3 shirts and run a good distance (not just around your block, go for miles). You will be sweating bad so take some water to not get dehydrated. When you done, run back home (don’t stop outside, the cold will get you sick quick), rinse off and get in some warm clothes. Do that a while and you will easily kick 5 lbs.

  4. Dork<3 said :

    dance dance revolution makes you lose a lot of calories!

  5. Lysergia said :

    carb cycling and dehydration work well, but your performance may suffer. Lack of glycogen and water will make you weaker. Try not to eat any sodium a few days before the weigh in and drink lots of water. Besides the negative performance effects dehydration can be dangerous to your health so don’t overdo it. After the weigh in start drinking alot of gatorade to try and replenish water/sugar. If your meet isn’t this weekend you can try to lose some fat.
    Or just compete in your natural weight class. Powerlifting is about beating yourself not everyone else in your weight class.


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